Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Balcony Garden

Living on the third floor of an apartment building
 is nice for the view....
and that's about it!
We love fresh veggies, flowers and gardening
so living on the third floor isn't going to stop us.
Here's my garden after transplanting my sprouts.
 On this privacy lattice I have Morning Glories
that are beginning to go crazy
looping and spreading. 
I also have some spearmint and rosemary on the door.
 On this side of the balcony I have 3 different kinds of tomato plants, marigolds,  
sweet peppers, basil and rose moss.
 Over here we have Jace's cabbage plant that the school gave him, chives, snow peas
and more of everything else.
Finally I have more tomato plants, sweet and hot peppers.
The tomato plants smell so good. 
 Just those little plants leaves have the most wonderful scent of summer and fresh tomatoes.
Pure Joy and Happiness! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Viv's Jr. Prom

My second oldest granddaughter went to her Jr. Prom on Saturday.
I can't believe that she's that old already.
I remember when her mom and dad went to their Sr. Prom.
here are some pictures of my beautiful granddaughter.

and here's a picture of her with her sister and brother, Liv and Jesse.
and then Fatima, Vivianna, Jesse and little Jesse
I think Jesse and Fatima have 3 great kids!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I'm Advertising!

Earl wanted me to get some kind of a sign for the van
to advertise my Etsy Shop so hopefully I can get some local shoppers.
Here is my first window sticker!

There is some glare from the hazy day
but here is Earl applying my sticker.
I love it!
I hope I can get some sales from it and not embarrass Earl and the kids to much!

Friday, May 15, 2015

A Wedding is in Our Family's Future!!

My son Jesse and daughter-in-law Fatima
are officially getting married in Sept.!!
Jesse and Fatima have been together for 19 years and have 3 kiddo's.
I went to watch her try on dresses,
with not much success,
but I was entertained by my 5 year old grandson Jesse.
Jesse is so darned cute!
He just kept giggling and giggling.
Jesse wants me to wear a rainbow wig, a rainbow dress
a red nose and paint my face white for the wedding.
That would be funny huh?!?!?
I also caught him peaking up a maniquins dress.
Hee!  Hee!
I had fun with the grandkids and I can't wait to see which dress Fatima picks!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Baseball with Jace and Matchbox Gifts

I LOVE watching the kids play sports and it's now
Baseball season with Jace!
Jace is on a knew team this year and his coach is letting him try out different positions.
I am really happy with this and Jace is having a lot more fun than being stuck in outfield all season.

Our little friend Amber and my Mallory at the game.
Between ball practice and games
I've been making some matchboxes

The top matchbox I decorated like a little suitcase for one of my neighbors.
His sister-in-law is going to Germany this week
and he thought this would make a cute going away gift.
The other one is 1 of 3 that I made for Mother's Day Gifts.
So cute and fun to make!

My DIL made this up using the pictures of my 5 oldest boys. So funny!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

All 8 of my kids

All 8 of my kids

My 6 Grandkids

My 6 Grandkids

Me, Earl, My daughter-in-laws, son-in-law, kids & grandkids

Me, Earl, My daughter-in-laws, son-in-law, kids & grandkids

The Whole Family

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Well, here I am - this is me, Sherry

Well, here I am - this is me, Sherry

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My spirit is craving to take me here - a quiet tranquil place!
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