Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crocheted Bath Toy Bags

I decided to put the pictures of the Bath Toy Bags I crocheted for my two, soon to be born, twin grandsons. These were quick and easy and turned out really cute! I made them out of 100% cotton crochet thread. I'll have to find the sites I got the patterns from so I can give them the credit they deserve.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fringed Fleece Scarves and Pom Pom Hair Bows

My grandson Anthony in the Cheetah Scarf I made for Mallory

Well, I finally finished something. I didn't do everything on my list, but I did complete one thing. My 7 year old daughter, Mallory, is a flag football cheerleader. I made these fringed fleece scarves and Pom pom hair bows for her and the other 10 girls on her team and then one for the junior coach too. So 12 scarves and 12 bows are DONE!! They were really easy, but time consuming. The girls and their moms really seemed to like the hair pom poms so I am making extra bows to sell. I hate charging people for things though so we'll see how I do??? My 16 year old daughter, Lexie, said I never give myself enough credit for what I do. She's right, I don't, but I'm going to try. Wish me luck!!

Thanks for listening!


Friday, September 14, 2007

Thoughts on my life

I am going to be 46 years old tomorrow. Time has gone by so fast and I feel like I haven't accomplished very much in my life. Is this what they call mid-life crisis?? I do have a wonderful partner and eight absolutely amazing children. I have 4 grandkids and two more due anyday now. I have accomplished having a great family which is extremely important, but I need to do some stuff for me. I have so many things I want to accomplish and I just keep putting them off. If anyone has ever read Terri Hatcher's book, "Burnt Toast", that is the kind of person I am. I almost always take whatever is burnt or damaged. I usually always buy the cheapest clothes I can find for myself, etc..... I have some things I have been wanting to do now for several years and just keep putting them off but I think I should start doing them before I get any older.

1. Loose weight--I never weighed over 100lbs. until I had my 4th son, then I got up to 112lbs. I gained a little bit more weight before the 5th baby, but after I had her I got back down to 95lbs. I stayed that way for a few years and then
gained about 20lbs. After the last 3 babies I have gained an enourmous amount of weight. I can't believe how fat I am. I am so ashamed of myself for the way I look. So my first goal is to loose weight and with that I have to start excercising which should help me to feel better too!

2. Get more organized--I have never been a real organized person. I have gotten better as I get older, but I am still not quite there.

3. Finish the projects that I start--I have this problem of getting excited and starting a project and then not finishing them. I always have several projects going on at once, which is okay because I tend to get bored if I am just working on one thing, but I need to finish what I start!

4. Tell people that I love them--I need to let people know how much I appreciate them -- I, like everyone else, take it for granted that the people I love will always be around. Guess what? They won't be here forever. I really need to let them know how much I love them and appreciate them while they are still here. My dad's recent diagnosis of cancer made me really realize this.

5. Work on my relationships--Earl and I get along okay but I really want to work on having a better and closer relationship with him. I also want to spend more quality time with my kids and grandkids. I love them so much but I tend to get busy or preoccupied and don't spend the time with them that I should.

Well, I guess this is enough to start with. Wish me luck! I have a follow through problem so I really hope I can accomplish these things. Okay, I have to go run some errands and spend time with my baby.

Thanks for listening!


Sunday, September 9, 2007

More Ramblings.....

I had a terrific day today. I had family time with Earl and my two younger kids, I talked to my mom on the phone, I cooked with my youngest daughter, Mally. I also worked on a quilt while I watched Mally make up cheers and Jace try to join her. It was just a nice quiet kind of day. Everyone was in a good mood and it was just nice!
I started this blog, and as I said before I'm not quite sure why. Nobody has looked at it, which is fine, I think it's kinda of like my own little journal with a little bit of intrigue to it. A little bit of my own dare. Curious to see if someone might peek into my thoughts and think, hey, she's okay, she seems like a really nice person. I don't know, kind of weird, I do know that!
Earl started a new job last week and I have a lot more responsibilities now. I really am enjoying it though. I feel like I'm worth something more than just being a maid. I have a car during the day now, I get to do the grocery shopping and cooking. I get to pick the kids up from school now too. I know this all sounds weird and like maybe I have been sheltered or imprisoned, but with Earl's old job it was just easier for him to do the shopping since he was at the mall's already. He had the only running car so he did the picking up and dropping off of the kids. Earl loves to cook so he took that over years ago. It might sound kind of nice to have all of those responsibilities gone but I really missed that part of me being taken over. I love being home with Jace, but it's so nice to be able to get out of the house and actually be a REAL mom again and not just a live in maid. I think it's true that the more you have to do the more you get done.
Okay, I have a few more things I want to do before I go to bed. So bye for now.
Thanks for listening!

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All 8 of my kids

All 8 of my kids

My 6 Grandkids

My 6 Grandkids

Me, Earl, My daughter-in-laws, son-in-law, kids & grandkids

Me, Earl, My daughter-in-laws, son-in-law, kids & grandkids

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Well, here I am - this is me, Sherry

Well, here I am - this is me, Sherry

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My spirit is craving to take me here - a quiet tranquil place!

My spirit is craving to take me here - a quiet tranquil place!
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