Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Wished for It and I Got It! Hee-Haw!

I really wanted to be in the Sweet Goodness' Vintage Cowgirl Swap and they ended up having another last minute opening.....So I got in!!! Woo-Hoo!
I'm a sucker for anything Western
....actually I've been thinking
wouldn't it be great to have
Johnny Depp in a western?!?!?
I think I would be in heaven!

I am going to be one busy girl for the next month. I'm really excited about all the swaps though and I am probably going to start babysitting again soon, so this will definitely be the end of my swapping for awhile.

I was asked a question about the tag swaps. What do you do with the tags? Usually the person hosting the swap makes a little tag book up. Usually that means they put a ring at the top of all the tags that everyone sent in and then send each participant a set. My intention though is to make a scrapbook up of all of the tags and ATC's I have received for the different holidays and set it out for on the coffee table for everyone to see.

I'm off to sew. I have 2 swaps that are going out tomorrow and some projects for family members that I want to get out this weekend. So I'd better get busy!

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Okay, What's Wrong with This Picture??

Okay, yesterday I went over to SwapDex to see the posting about The Third Annual Brown Paper Bag Swap that the sweet Jenna had done for me.

Big mistake on my part!!
Jenna had been busy posting other swaps too.
Wonderful, exciting, funfilled swaps. I tried so hard to resist.
I really did.
I'm already doing a monthly Year of Enchantment swap with Val, a Pin-Up Girl Apron Swap with Val and a May Day Swap with Valrie, so as you can see I really didn't need to visit SwapDex.
I have been being a really good girl this year with not visiting SwapDex and feeding my addiction to the whole swap thing, but I had to go there.
Yes, I had to go there,
but Look at the great swaps I found!!!

and I just snuck in on it. I was the 20th person to sign up.
I'm doing my tags on Jordan.

and I haven't got my confirmation email back yet, but I signed up for

Linda from A Swap for All Seasons

The Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Swap

So, I just want to know "What is wrong with this picture?"

I go to to just peek at a posting and wind up joining in 3 more swaps. I guess I should be grateful that the Vintage Cowgirl Swap is already filled because I really, really, really wanted to do that one.

Oh, and by the way, I know all of you swappers are really hyped about The Third Annual Brown Paper Bag Swap and maybe I posted the wrong email address because so far I have only received 1 enthuastic blogger friend's email. My computer has been a little wonky lately so maybe that's the problem.

So anyway,

here it is again

Don't be shy now. It's going to fun and get those creative juices flowing!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are You Ready For the Most Exciting Swap of the Year??

Yes, it is that time of year again and I KNOW many of you swappers have been anxiously awaiting for me to host this swap again.

Well, it's finally time for the:

Okay, I know I am going to be swamped with all you crafty people rushing to sign up for The Third Annual Brown Paper Bag Swap! I promise to do my best to keep up on the rush of people to sign up. So please be patient with me!

Brown Paper Bag Scrapbook
by Melissa

Two years ago I hosted my first swap and I was amazed at how creative people were with a simple brown paper bag. So it’s April 27 again and I am hosting The 3rd Annual Brown Paper Bag Swap. The Brown Paper Bag is such a simple item and how many of us started off as little kids crafting with brown paper bags? In school we decorated them for goodie bags, made puppets out of them, used them for our lunches, etc.... My mom made my little guy, Jace, a brown paper bag scrapbook when he was born. It was so cute and yet so simple. I love it!!

Variety of Tag
by Me - Sherry

So what I am thinking is that we (hopefully others like this idea too and join the swap!) could use a brown paper bag and create something for our partner out of it. It doesn't matter how you use the bag as long as it is somehow used in your swap. It could be added to your art piece, made into a tag, it could be the main part of the item, whatever you can come up with.

A basket and little pouch
Swap Rules:

1. You must use a brown paper bag in your handmade swap item. You can purchase things to add to or embelish though.

2. You MUST contact your swap partner by email. You need to say "Hi", introduce yourself and then tell them a little about yourself. I am making this a rule because I have participated in a couple of swaps and have never heard from the person I am exchanging with. I think this takes away from the whole point of the swap and kind of leaves everything up in the air. Make a new friend, it doesn't mean you have to email them constantly, but be friendly.

3. Please thank your partner for the package they send to you. I hate when I swap with someone and they don't just say "thank you". I may be late on most of my swaps, but I do put a lot of work into them and I do appreciate the work that my partner puts into theirs. Everyone likes to here "thank you!"

4. There is $15.00 (+ or - a little) price limit. All Homemade is fine!!! Please don't worry about going out and purchasing things. I'm sure between tags, cards, scrapbooks, etc..... everyone can come up with enough stuff to feel satisified. Please just be comfortable with yourself and what you send.

Paperbag Toadstool

by Val

Okay, sounds simple enough, and I know it sounds so exciting that you all can't wait to get started. Am I right or am I right?

Pizza Scrapbooking Set

by Valerie

Please email me at or leave me a comment on my blog if you would like to join the swap. I need your:

Mailing Address:
Email address:
Blog address if you have one:

I will take sign ups until May 18, 2010. The mail out date for your brown paper bag item will be June 12, 2010 (that is anniversary day the patent was granted for the machine that makes the paper bags we use now days.)

A Wall Hanging

by Me -Sherry

If your interested, here is a little history on the Brown Paper Bag as we know it now. There were other paper bags before this and other people involved in the invention of the bags. I just decided to post about the type of bags that are familiar to us now days. Square-Bottom Paper Bag w/ pleated sides On June 12, 1883 the U.S. Patent office issued #279,505 to Chas Stilwell a patent for a paper bag machine. After fighting for the Union in the Civil War, Charles Stilwell began to tinker with the idea of making a better paper bag. Paper bags already existed at this time, but they had many flaws. They had to be pasted together by hand; their V-shaped bottoms prevented them from standing on their own; and they were not easily collapsible or conveniently stackable. In the summer of 1883, Stilwell put into operation the first machine to produce paper bags. The bags had flat bottoms for standing up straight by themselves and pleated sides that made them easy to fold and stack. Dubbed the S.O.S., or Self-Opening Sack, it remains in widespread use today. With the birth of the American supermarket in the early 1930s, demand for Stilwell’s paper bags skyrocketed. Their versatility, strength, and low cost made them first a nationwide then a worldwide phenomenon.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sewing, Crocheting and Raising Kids

I've been enjoying my sewing machine working again. The foot controller just needs the tiniest bit of a push and then Brother just takes off sewing. Brother and I made an apron, a few really cute banners and a baby quilt last week. I also made a CapriSun bag for Mallory that turned out really cute. The apron and banners are in my Etsy Shop or you can peek at them on my sidebar if you want. Okay, I'll show one picture here on my blog, just because I think these banners are just so darn cute.

During t.v. time at night I've been crocheting. I've got about 5-6 projects going all at once. I'm not sure why I do that??? Part of me thinks it is so I don't get bored working on one project, but the other part of me thinks I just get so excited when I think of something that I want to make that I have to start it then and there or my brain will explode from obsessing about it.

Now, for the raising kids part. I have 5 adult children and they have turned out great. I now have 3 kiddo's at home. Ezie is 11. Need I say more? Out of all of the stages and ages of my kids, 11 seems to be the most trying age on me. I think that 11 year olds are irritable, antagonistic, mood swinging, opinionated, know-it-all ........ people. It was hard for me to actually type in the word people and not monster, but I do see a glimmer of my old child every once in awhile so I'll still hope their is a human being in there somewhere. Then to top it all of Ezie starts middle school in the fall. OMG! I remember middle school. I know I was very trying for my parents back then and I probably deserve everything I am getting. So I will try to be a patient mom. I will try to listen before I react. I will be firm, but give my child his baby steps. I'm not ready for this, but Ezie isn't waiting for me to get ready. He is on his way to becoming a young man who I know I will be very proud of and love him just as I did before he turned 11, I mean, as I do now.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Received some "Royal Mail"

Look at what I received in the mail yesterday postmarked by the "Royal Mail". Doesn't "Royal Mail" sound so cool compared to "US Postal Service"? It just sounds a little more magical.

Anyway, inside the package were these super cute tins. Aren't they so cute! They make me smile just looking at them! My sweet blogger friend Angel sent them to me all the way from the UK. Angel knew I liked these because her daughter Kelly had sent me the magnets that go with the set awhile back. I love tins and these are the cutest little tins! Thank you so much Angel for thinking about me and for your generosity!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lessons Learned, Our Anniversary and New Arrivals

Earl and I had our Unofficial 13th Anniversary yesterday. I say it's unofficial because Earl just kind of gradually moved in with me and we don't remember exactly when it was, except that I remember it was around April 15th.

So April 15th it is. We've NEVER celebrated our anniversary, I guess because we don't have an official date or neither one of us is really into big celebrations. Mallory was very excited about the whole thing though and so being such a sweetheart she went out and bought 3 cards. One for me to give to Earl, one for Earl to give to me and one for her and the boys to give to us. Mallory had our neighbor take her shopping and she picked out the cards and went she went to pay for them the total was $12.06. She had enough money and didn't want to say anything about the price so she went on and bought them. Poor baby! She had no idea how much cards cost. Mallory was so excited for us to exchange cards last night and the one she bought for us was really funny and of course she had to read it to us with different voices which made it even funnier. You have to know Mallory to really appreciate her sense of humor! Anyway, we had a quite, but very nice anniversary this year Thanks to one very special little girl.

and next

the parts I had ordered online for my sewing machines

came in the mail today.

So here is my new foot controller

and I'm glad to announce that

Brother is working wonderfully!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Something Pretty

Here is something I was working on when my sewing machine decided to act up. I bought these precut squares last year and then I had this red vintage fabric in my stash. I don't have anything this color, but I'm thinking I'm going to make pillows out of these and either save them for a redo on the bedroom or living room. I love the colors and I have some a couple of vintage chenille bedspreads that I might use for the backing. Anyway, I thought they were pretty and wanted to share them with you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Inspiring Woman

The world has lost a wonderful woman today. One of my best blogging friends, Valerie has the sweetest Granny in the whole world. Granny turned 96 years old in October. Just last week Granny made 2 quilts. Last summer Granny was still gardening and canning. Granny has been a role model and an inspiration to many of us bloggers without even realizing it. I've never met Val or Granny, but I haven't quit crying since I read about Granny's death. It's amazing how someone we don't even know can have such an impact on our lives. I know that she is happy in heaven, but please remember Val and her family in your prayers. Thank you Val for sharing Granny with us ....she will always hold a special spot in my heart and I will alway treasure her.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Treasured Heirlooms

Cathy at Treasured Heirlooms has a beautiful blog with all kinds of pink and pretty things to show you. Cathy is also having a giveaway so make sure you check out her blog. Be prepared to spend some time just oohing and aawing over her beautiful photos of her treasures. So get your coffee or tea and go visit Cathy!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Know I Should Be More Patient With Her, BUT Come on ..... Give Me A Break!!

Okay, I knew that the sewing machine that Earl bought for me at a garage sale was older (1968 according to Wikipedia). I was actually surprised when the old girl worked last week when I brought her in the house and plugged her in after sitting in the garage for almost a year and not knowing where she came from before that. I was so relieved at her working and saving me when my Brother sewing machine decided to unexpectedly die on me. I also know that Kenmore's tend to be excellent sewing machines. My mom had a Kenmore for years before she finally bought a Bernina (which is a day that I will never forget!) So I was just pretty pleased by finding this old and charming sewing machine.

I have been sewing all weekend and the old girl started to misbehave a little bit so I put a new needle in her and bought some new bobbins. She was doing so much better and I was so happy! Then, she started acting up again so I oiled her and cleaned her a little bit. Much better! She seemed quite happy and so was I as we were sewing along. Then today she decided to throw a tantrum. I wasn't very happy with her this time around and gave her a oil bath (which wasn't really necessary and caused me to have to deal with quite a mess afterwards!) and I cleaned her again and she was better this time. The old girl was working, but not good as she should be. I was getting quite frustrated and after naming her Bella (a very bold child I babysat last summer who could be so bad at times and then could turn around and be so good) and using sewing machine language on her (which, I'm embarrassed to say, only escalated with time). Earl told me it might be the belt so after I took Bella apart I discovered that yes, the belt was dry and cracking.

So Bella I'm sorry that I judged you and cursed at you and you will be happy to know that I found a very nice website that has all these little drawings of sewing machine parts, model numbers and all kinds of little tidbits of information and I ordered you a new belt. Now if I ordered the right belt and you decide to work nicely after I replace the belt I am going to rename you to a name that has happier memories for me and my family and we are going to get busy with multiple sewing projects. I also found on this same website a new foot controller for your brother, well actually..... my, Brother sewing machine, and ordered him a new foot controller and some new bobbins. So I am hoping that in a week or two I have two happy and properly functioning sewing machines so that my blood pressure may remain with normal limits and so that I will be one happy Momma again.

Please wish me, Bella and Brother luck or I will be one miserable and unhappy girl!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Few Good Days

We have had the nicest weather the last few days. Yesterday it was 87 degrees and the humidity was low so it was a perfect day. Two of my grandaughters are over and the kids are on spring break so it worked out great that they could all enjoy such a beautiful day together. The kids rode bikes, played in the water and set up a Lemonade stand. To make their day even better they ended up making $9.00 at their Lemonade stand. So today is suppose to be another nice day and then it's cold again. The kids are going to sell Lemonade again today and they came up with the idea to sell popcorn. They figured the popcorn's cheap and it will make people thirsty. Pretty good little enterpreneurs I would say! I asked the kids if they were going to pay their Daddy back for the cups, lemonade and popcorn and they quickly said, "uh, no" and ran out of the house. They are pretty darn smart!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Babies, Babies and more Babies

Jace told me the other day that he wanted me to have another baby.
"Uh ..... Jace, Mommy can't have any more babies.
Your my baby and you already have 2 sisters and 5 brothers."
So I changed the subject to all of the new babies that have been born lately. We have been blessed with so many babies lately in our family and with our friends. My two newest grandbabies are 3 months old now and like my other grandkids ..... they are so cute!

This is Leigha on Easter

and her twin brother, Liam

This is a picture of my new grand nephew, Anthony

Anthony is my older brother's first Grandchild

and my first time to be an official Great Aunt

Anthony is almost a month old already

Congratulations to Emily and Andrew!

and this is our friend Amber

and my Lexie is holding Amber's new son, Marius

Marius is 6 weeks old now

Babies are such a blessing and if I wasn't already 48,

you betcha I wouldn't mind having another one or two!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fairy's and Fairy Stuff

Mallory and I joined Missy's A Fairy Went to Market Swap. I made two bags from Missy's tutorial and then sent them to Missy along with 10 things for Mallory's swap and 10 for mine. Missy then sent us back a different bag and it was filled with 10 things that other people made. It was really fun and I honestly can't believe how creative all of the ladies who participated are! I only am showing a few of the pictures (which I borrowed from Missy), but Mallory and I received some really cool fairy items.

This is the bag that Mallory received. She LOVES it!

Here are some little crocheted bags with leaves on them

for my fairy to take to Market with her.

So cute!!

and then Val from YarniGras made these cute little Fairy Fireplaces out of seashells.Very Creative Val!

This is the bag I received. It was made by Jen.

I love the little flowers and dandelions in the fabric and then the butterflies are appliqued on.

This is the bag I made for Mallory to send in

and then I made 10 of these butterfly pins.

This is the bag I sent in

and then I made these little butterfly wands

Then for Yarni Gras Year of Enchantment Swap our Febuary theme was Fairies. My partner was AwtemNymf and we were both running behind so that's why I'm just now posting about this swap. Here is the beautiful Angelic Fairy that Sandy made for me and she's in my favorite color. I think she is so pretty! Thanks Sandy!

and then here is the little fairy/brownie that I made for Sandy. I'm not very good at drawing faces, but all and all I think he turned out pretty cute.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Miss Rhea's Easter Basket Swap

I participated in Miss Rhea's Easter Basket Swap this year.
We were suppose to make 2 Easter Baskets out of a yogurt container. Miss Rhea gave us an excellent tutorial which really helped me out a lot. Be sure and go to her blog to see the list of everyone who participated and how creative everyone was with their yogurt containers.

One of my partners was Vanessa from Stitches-N-Stuff.
She sent me this beautiful package. She made a really pretty basket. There is a lot of detail work that doesn't show up in the picture. Vanessa also made me a bunny, bunny pin, a little bird, an Easter hat, cross and a little pink pretty with a chick on top.
Everything is so beautiful!
Thank you Vanessa!
You are so creative and very talented!

My other partner was Michelle from The Tattered Quilt Cottage.

Michelle sent me a really beautiful package too. The Easter Basket has a beaded handle and pretty lavender fabric. My photo doesn't show how pretty it really is. Michelle also sent a little pinchushion that she made, a purple bracelet, a cookie cutter, socks, address labels (What a wonderful idea!!) a notepad, tags, a cookie cutter, and hand sanitizer, bath fizzies, sprinkles and the cutest little tin.

Here is what I sent to Vanessa.

I made her basket, a bird, a bunny egg cover, a couple of crocheted egg covers, candies, a butterfly, a little crocheted bird nest and a fabric banner for spring.

and for Michelle I made a her basket, a crocheted birds nest filled with eggs, candies, notecards, a butterfly, a little funky duck, a spring fabric banner and I crocheted a funky little chicken egg cover but I forgot to put it in the picture.

I loved my packages and I hope Vanessa and Michelle liked what I sent to them.
Thank you Miss Rhea for a really fun swap
and for such a great idea on recycling yogurt containers.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I Will Remember You Always....Now RIP

Last night, I am so sad to announce,
I had to pronounce
the foot pedal to my sewing machine
(sniff, sniff.....please pass the tissues.....sniff).

I tried reviving the poor thing by oiling it and trying to dust it out.
It didn't seem to help

Then I took more drastic measures.

I tried reviving the poor pedal by trying to talk it into staying alive
(a few swear words here and there)

I tried CPR
(banging it on the table a few times)

and then I even tried the Heimlich on it
(pounding the crap of the poor thing with my foot)

but, even with all of my life saving techniques

......the pedal just couldn't be revived.

So my dear friend and constant companion


I will always remember the joy you gave me in sewing

the many aprons, hot pads, tote bags, pillows, blankets

and the occasional mending of clothes.

I will remember the happy times we had being creative together.

Thank you for the memories my dear friend.

Under any other conditions I would be at a total loss
and quite frankly,
really pissed off
my sweet, smart and always thinking

bought this old sewing machine last year at a garage sale for $20.00
thinking I could use it to teach the kids to sew on.
It's been sitting in the garage for almost a year now
and when Earl brought it in the house last night

without much hope of it working
was surprised and delighted
to see that it works like a charm!

So I am not going to be sad today
(maybe a little annoyed and frustrated)
but, not sad or mad
because my dear friend
I'm sorry to say
that you have been

and today
this old and hopefully reliable new friend
will bring me as many wonderful memories as you did.

My DIL made this up using the pictures of my 5 oldest boys. So funny!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

All 8 of my kids

All 8 of my kids

My 6 Grandkids

My 6 Grandkids

Me, Earl, My daughter-in-laws, son-in-law, kids & grandkids

Me, Earl, My daughter-in-laws, son-in-law, kids & grandkids

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Well, here I am - this is me, Sherry

Well, here I am - this is me, Sherry

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