Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sweet Snails

For the month of July ornament for Val's Year of Enchantment swap was to do a snail. I am borrowing the pictures that Michele took of my stuff because my camera is only working when it wants to and it didn't want to work when I was ready to mail these little guys off to her. So thank you Michele!

I made her these little snail ornaments out of felt.

and then I made her a couple of little snail gift bags and a seashell candle and then some other goodies. The candle was fun to make and so easy!

This is the package Michele sent to me. Everything is so beautiful!
Wallpaper, a paper flower, roses, ribbons, tissues, a snail pill holder , a very pretty necklace with a shell on it, tissues, a basket, a vintage pill holder and a nice card.
Oh yeah, and the elegant snail that Michele made for me.

Thanks for a great swap Michele!
Everything is so beautiful and it was really nice to get to know you!

Friday, July 30, 2010

We Got a Doggie!

Well, we finally did it....we got a dog. One of Earl's friends breeds Westies and she was wanting a new male dog so she gave us her 4 year old male named Sir Charles or as we call him Charlie.

Charlie is so laid back and easy going. He just follows us around and lays down next to us where ever we are. His previous owner was a woman about my age so he follows me the most and sleeps in our bed. He sits at my feet when I sew and next to me on the couch when I crochet. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. His previous owner even had him nuetered and all of his shots updated before giving him to us. We are very lucky to have such a great little guy in our family!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brown Paper Bag Swap - Part 2

My third partner for The 3rd Annual Brown Paper Bag Swap was Sue from Australia. Sue is one of the sweetest ladies and she sent me a really neat swap package.

Sue sent a vintage pattern, stamps, some Australian coins, vintage buttons, receipt and tags and then a tape measure that had belonged to her Aunt.

Then Sue made these cute tree tags out of brown bags and different papers and lace. Such a neat idea!

Sue also made me a cute little card and a heart sachet.
The tree pin is brown bag and fabric behind it. It is really pretty!
Thanks Sue for a really creative and wonderful swap package!

Here is what I made for Bridget, Robyn and Sue.

I made 6 little dresses into a garland. They have brown paper bags on the back.

Then I made these envelopes. They have brown bags on the inside and decorative paper on the outside. The buttons are crinkled and decoupaged brown bags.

These are mini wall hangings and I used brown paper bags as the matting.

the bookmark dresses have brown bags on the back and some of my collage paper on the front. The hearts are brown bags and decorative paper that I weaved together and then lightly painted with some white paint, sewed the 2 sides together and added a flower and ribbon.

and then I made these tussi mussi's out of crinkled and decoupaged brown bags. I tea stained some sheet music, pleated it and sewed it on the edges. I also added each persons initial in tea stained cardstock. I ran some music paper and brown bags through the paper shredder to put on the inside. I think some of the roses that my sister made would look pretty in these!

So that is my Brown Paper Bag Swap stuff.
Thank you so much
Bridget, Robyn and Sue
for being my partners and coming up with
creative and amazing swap packages!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Brown Paper Bag Swap - Part 1

I had 3 wonderful partners for The 3rd Annual Brown Paper Bag Swap that I hosted. All 3 were 1st time swappers and I must say they all 3 did an amazing job! Today I'll show you the first 2 and then tomorrow I'll post the 3rd one and the stuff that I made.

My first package was from Bridget Renea. Bridget was also my partner for the Pretty Pockets Swap and she did a wonderful job on both. Bridget went with the cowboy theme for me, which I love, and made me this cute Brown Paper Bag Scrapbook.

Bridget filled the book with tags and the cutest pages. I really like the accordian style pages and all the inking and details she added. Great job Bridget!

My sister Robyn made the next package. Robyn came up with some really creative things. I have to admit I was a bit surprised at how crafty and creative my sister is. I knew she was crafty, but I honestly had no idea how talented she really is!!

Robyn made these roses out of Brown Paper Bags. Every petal has been lightly burned to make the edges look more rustic. Aren't they gorgeous?!?!? I love these roses!!

these bows are made out of designed paper and brown bags.

Robyn also made me a little round box and lined it with denim, star ornaments decorated with bandana paper and brown paper bag stars, a couple of tags, these cute cowgirl signs and a frame with brown paper bags and western stuff on it and Johnny Depp in the frame. Oh yeah!

and look at this neat tote bag made out of a bandana and stitched to a brown bag. Robyn also added some western buttons to embellish it. Great Job Robby!

Thank you Bridget and Robyn! I am very lucky to have had you both as partners. I really appreciate the time you both put into making such creative and impressive packages!
Robyn doesn't have a blog, but please welcome Bridget Renea to world of blogging. She just started a blog the other day so go on over and say "Hi" to her.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Something Old, Something .......

I participated in Linda's Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Swap and Stephanie was my partner. I am so far behind in posting this, sorry Stephanie, my pictures turned out really bad!

Stephanie sent me a bag with some old sewing pins in it, some pretty cards, clips and yo-yo's, a pretty vintage hankie that she made into a sachet and it was put in a pink box with a daisy on it, some postcards with some pretty blue flowers, a necklace with a "S" on it and a neat wedding photo. Thank you so much Stephanie for everything you sent! I love the sachet and it goes perfect with my hankies collection!

I made her a Tussie out of a vintage hankie and my sister, Robyn, let me "borrow" the roses and the rose petals that are in the other bag. Thanks Robby!

I used the wedding images to make cards that can be used for weddings or anniversarys and included some little inserts and confetti. I made a couple of other things, but my camera is only working when it wants to. Stephanie has some gorgeous pictures on her blog, so make sure you go check them out and say hi to her!

Thanks Linda for a fun swap and Stephanie for being such a great swap partner! I had fun with this one!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wanted: A Real Alien Spaceship

Living with a 4 year old is one of the absolute joys in life. They have imaginations that run wild, they're generally helpful, love to please you, independent, and they still like hugs and think that you're the most important and smartest person in the world.

Jace is no exception. This morning he asked me,
"Could please get me a REAL Alien Spaceship
for the 20 foot green monster
that's my new friend?"

So if any of you know where I can get a Real Alien Spaceship for cheap please let me know.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pretty Pockets

I've kinda been lost inside my own little world for the last couple of weeks. Keeping to myself and just busy doing crafts. It's time to join the world again though!

I participated in Jessica's Pretty Pockets Swap and my partner was my new friend Bridget Renea. We hit it off immediately! Here is the Pretty Pockets that Bridget sent to me. She used a variety of fabrics, which I love, and even included some western fabric in there. I didn't get a picture of it, but there is a horse charm hanging with the ric rac. I'm going to put this on one of my doors and put pretty things in it for everyone to see.

Bridget also filled the pockets with a ton of goodies. She sent scrapbook stuff, little notepads, paperclips, and I love the photo of the woman on bikes. I'm going to get that framed and hang it up.

She also sent lace and fibers, candles, yo-yo's, vintage hankies and buttons, a tape measure and more buttons.

Here's the Pretty Pockets that I sent to Bridget Renea.
I added a crocheted flower, quilted heart, a lace flower and a couple of vintage lace doiles. I also crocheted a cover for the wooden hanger out of crochet thread.

This is a banner I made for Bridget and this is her photo of it hanging up next to her really cool headboard.

I made her an Uncle Sam and some other patriotic stuff
and then some French type stuff. I had a plaque that I had gotten on line and then I crocheted and embellished the other picute.

Thanks Jessica for a fun swap and I love the whole idea of the Pretty Pockets and have plans to make more for gifts. Thank you Bridget for being such a wonderful swap partner and a new friend!

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All 8 of my kids

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My 6 Grandkids

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