Saturday, May 31, 2008

Peony and I Feel About the Same Today---Blah!!!

After I came home from sitting in the rain at the kids ball game this is how Peony looked. This pretty much describes my mood the last few days. Blah! Well, the beautiful bloom was such a nice distraction to reality, but now it's gone. On the bright side she still has 6 or 7 more buds ready to explode with beauty soon.

Friday, May 30, 2008

I found some really nice Blogs this week. Most I found through Rachael's 100th Post Party and then the some off of other Bloggers Favorites Lists and a couple off comments that others left on my blog (and by the way, THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS!)

I love the blog Turkey Cookies. I especially love the story of how Jessica got the name Turkey Cookies. Jessica has recipes, gardening and life stuff on her blog. Check it out it's a fun blog!

I also love the Mary's blog Isabella's Closet .Mary has some beautiful vintage aprons and cross stitch pieces in her Etsy Shop, she has aprons, pillowcases and other nice things on Ebay and, finally, I'm sure everyone's seen some of Mary's Blog Banners as they have read other people's blogs. The thing that first attracted me to Mary is her beautiful space where she Blogs from. It is so pretty, shabby chicish. If I blogged in Mary's room I would feel like I was in a little corner of heaven! Check out Mary's blog and her stores, I think you'll find them beautiful!

If you want to read a very heart felt story, that is sure to make you cry, go to Tiff's Blog, Folded Gingham. I don't want to give anything away, but Tiff's story hit me really hard and has a very personal meaning for me. I cried all day over it and then when my daughter came home she cried and when Earl came home he cried. You have to read the story and then see the picture at the bottom. I just want to give Tiff a big hug and to tell her that life goes on but the memory never goes away.

I read so many more Blogs that I absolutely love, but, until next week.........

Here is Peony in full bloom.
Isn't she beautiful?
I had to have the kids hold the stem though because it was so windy yesterday.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Fresh New Do for Summer

Mallory on Sunday modeling a hat a crocheted for my sister
Isn't her hair pretty?
Mallory's Hair on Tuesday
the fresh new summer hairdo

We go every 5 weeks to get our hair trimmed and this time Mallory surprised me. She wanted to get a short haircut. She was initially going to go shorter but then decided on this style so she could still do a little ponytail if she needed to. Mallory is so happy with her haircut. I love it too! It is a nice change and so much easier in the mornings. I am so happy that she has the confidence to cut her hair even though most people will say things like, "Oh, why did you do that?" or "You should have never cut your hair, you were so pretty before". Those are the kind of comments she got the last time she cut her hair short. I like long hair too, but do people realize how it sounds when they make comments like that to someone else? Everyone needs a change once in awhile and she looks so cute and bubbly now. Mallory loves it and she feels pretty, well as pretty as a tomboy can feel, and that's all that counts!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Story of "Peony"

Have you seen the movie Barbie Fairytopia? If you haven't you should. It is a sweet magical little movie and the flower fairies are so beautiful! Elina, who is played by Barbie, is a flower fairy and she lives in a beautiful magical flower named Peony. Peony plays a soothing lullaby when Elina and her pet, Bibble, are ready for bed, and offers them a wake-up song in the morning.

Elina the flower fairy and Bibble

When Elina approaches Peony opens a petal up for Elina and Bibble to enter.

When we moved 3 years ago, my daughter Mallory and I planted a Peony because we loved Fairytopia and how Elina lived in a Peony. We had collected all the Barbie movies and the Fairytopia ones are our favorites (well, mine at least)! After 3 years our Peony is finally going to bloom. This is a picture of how she looks today. When Mallory and Ezie came home from school they came running in the house so excited and yelling, "Mom, Peony bloomed, Mom she bloomed!" I couldn't believe how excited they both were to see Peony bloom. It's like she has become a member of the family or something. Everyone calls her by the name Peony. Not the Peony plant, or anything, just Peony. I'll have to admit, although she didn't completely bloom, it is the beginning of a beautiful, well worth waiting for, bloom!

So here she is ....


This is my Rosemary Plant. I LOVE the smell and the taste of Rosemary!!

This is my oregano plant

and this is my sage plant

None of the rest of my plants have bloomed yet. My gardening space is not very big but I still love the results. Someday, I'll have a big yard where I can plant tons of flowers..........someday....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Memorial Day Weekend Get Together

Earl, and my son's Jesse and Chad staring at the grill. Earl enjoys grilling with the boys!
My granddaughter Sabrina holding my grandson Anthony
My Daughter Alexis is feeding her son, Anthony, some watermelon and my son Jeremy is trying to help, actually he is dying to take over!
My son Ezie loves to fish, just like his big brothers!!
My daughter, Mallory and my granddaughter, Vivianna. Vivianna is trying to teach Mallory how to bait a hook. Mallory hates worms but she is going to prove that she is a tomboy!

Vivianna, Sabrina and Mallory fishing. Poor Mallory, she finally got the darn worm on the hook and as soon as she cast --the worm flew off! After she touched the worm and everything! Yuck!
My granddaughter, Miss Olivia, caught the first and only fish! She was so proud! I had to hurry and take a picture so she could throw the fish back in because it needed to breathe in the water!
My son Chad playing with his little brother Jace. I love the way my older kids interact with my younger kids even with such a large gap in their ages!!
Ezie fished all day long. You couldn't get him away from the water.
On Sunday all of my kids families, except for one of them, met at a park and spent the afternoon together. We had a wonderful time! We rarely all get together because of work schedules and stuff, so this was really a nice day. A couple of my daughter-in-laws had their sisters come to and it was really nice to see them. The kids fished and played while the guys all grilled. The girls and I talked and watched the kids. It was just the perfect day to spend with my family!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

My Oldest Son, Jeremy is 31 Today!

Happy Birthday Jeremy!!

This is me and Jeremy in our first apartment. He was almost 2 years old.

This is Jeremy when he was about 7 years old.
This was his "Michael Jackson" shirt. He wore it with a pair of black "parachute" pants.
Jeremy loved Michael Jackson!

Jeremy and his daughter Sabrina in January 2008

I had Jeremy when I was 15 years old. The last week on my pregnancy something happened to Jeremy's cord, it just kind of dried up. He became malnourished and had suffered an extreme lack of oxygen. The doctors honestly didn't think he would ever survive. I was told that "if" he lived he would be a vegetable. Well, Jeremy lived! He falls into the Educatedably Mentally Handicapped area, meaning his IQ is like 1 point below a low normal. He was in special ed all through school, has seizures (which are controlled by medication), has a pretty bad short term memory problem, he is at a 1st grade level in math-which means he doesn't really have a good concept of money, he has a hemiplegia - meaning one side of his body is slightly larger than the other. It's not as severe as cerebral palsy but just a milder form. So he tends to drag one of his legs a little bit especially when he is tired. Jeremy got made fun of more times than I can count in school. He would always brush it off and I would go home and cry and cry at how mean the other kids were to my little boy. It was like sticking a knife through my heart, but I guess it was better that I had the pain and not him.

Through all of the obstacles that Jeremy has endured he has turned out to be an amazing young man. He has held a full time job since he was 16 years old. He very rarely ever misses work. He will walk over 4 miles in below zero weather to get to work, he graduated from High School (it was special ed, but he still did it), he has a wonderful 10 1/2 year old daughter, and he has lived on his own for the last 7 years and hasn't even burned his apartment down!!

So I just want to say to Jeremy that I am very proud of you and of all of your accomplishments! You are a fighter and a hard worker. I know we all tease you a lot and sometimes we loose our patience with you but I love you and I am so proud to be your mom!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Celebrate Rachael's 100th Blog! Come on and Party!

Rachael who is from Auckland, New Zealand and who's blog is The Rose Room, is having a "its nice to meet you, lets get to know each other a bit better" kind of party to celebrate her 100th Blog Posting.

A party that is going to run for 100 hours and at the end of the 100 hours and then Rachael will announce the prize winners.

As a way to get to know each better, she thought it would be fun if we showed where we blog from (thanks a lot Rachael!) and then answered 10 questions about ourselves.

Okay, this is my desk in that is up against the back wall in our living room. You can see my decor style, "Clutter, On Clutter" and a few of the pieces of my vintage pottery collection.
Ok, so here are my answers to the 10 questions.

Relationship: Divorced after 18 years and "living in sin" with Earl for 11 years now.

Children: Jeremy - 31 on Monday, Chad -28, Jesse -27, Daniel -21, Lexie -17, Ezie -9,
Mallory - 7 and finally my little Jace -2.

Pets: None, don't you think I have enough kids??? We haven't had any in a year or so after our long time bird friend, "Peanut" died last year and our long time goldfish, "Elmo" died the year before that.

Age: 46 - Damn, I'm getting old!!

Star Sign: Virgo

Fave Food: Ice Cream, I guess that explains the weight problem, huh?

Fave Drink: Wal-Marts Carbonated Flavored Waters and Icy Cold Michelob Ultra Light Beer

House Decor Style: Fisher Price and Craft Supplies, I guess you could best describe it at
"Clutter, on Clutter"- they are both in every room of my house!

Collections: Angels, Vintage Hankies, Vintage pottery and I'm just starting Vintage Head Vases.

How Did You Get Into Blogging: Just reading other people's blogs and in the beginning it was more a form of therapy, I was in a rather depressed stage. After the OWOH Giveaway 2008 I really got into the whole blogging thing. I discovered so many amazing woman out there who were kind of like me, and my blog went from depressing to whatever it is now.

Rachael has the champagne and is ready to celebrate! She is giving away some wonderful prizes so if you would like to join Rachael's party just go to The Rose Room and sign up. Party!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

An Update On My Niece, Bridget

I heard from my niece, Emily, Bridget's older sister yesterday. She said Bridget got up with a walker 3 times the night before to go to the little girls room and that she stayed awake for 5 hours straight. She may be able to go home Sunday to begin her long process of healing.

I also got a little better description of how Bridget hurt herself from Emily.

Emily writes, "From what I have heard from the various sources, this is what happened:

They were practicing rescue and retrieval and Bea was on a 20 foot platform. They lowered someone to the ground and she went to unhook them. She got nervous and unhooked herself accidentally. She didn't realize what had happened as she was falling and, even in the midst of the fall, thought she would be caught by something. She doesn't remember hitting the ground, but when she woke up, she was surrounded by people and she realized what had happened. She thought "oww. that hurts" and tried to get up and "shake it off" as she said. She feels very badly about the whole thing - our poor Bridget!!

Anyway, things are looking good and we are feeling so blessed that she isn't hurt worse. From what all the docs have said, she is one lucky girl!!! We are so happy she is still around :)

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers - she still needs them to keep her spirits up and work hard at recovering."

So, Thank you all who have left such nice messages about Bridget. I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers and I know Bea and her family do too!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Do you love CSI, Forensic Files and Other Such Crime Shows?

Do you love CSI, Forensic Files and other such crime shows?? I LOVE shows like that and I am lucky enough to have a little brother who is actually a Forensic Anthropologist, Dr. Daniel J. Wescott.

I am going to brag about my little brother today. He never brags about himself. The only way we ever here about any of his accomplishments is from his wife, Deborah Cunningham, who is also a Professor at the University of Columbia-Missouri.

My little brother, Danny, is a forensic anthropologist. He is an Professor at the University of Columbia-Missouri. Here is part of a quote from the school website, "Danny Wescott has continued research in skeletal biology and assisting law enforcement agencies in forensic cases." and "He assisted law enforcement in several murder cases which also received coverage by the Columbia Tribune and KRCG 13 News."

I just received an email from Deborah the other day saying that Danny had helped in solving a recent murder in Missouri. There was a unidentifiable woman's body found in a shallow grave near the Missouri River. Danny determined that the woman had been dead anywhere from 3-30 days and that at one time she walked, but that she hadn't been able to walk recently. When this information was released by the media the calls started coming in with information about the woman's identity, Melissa A. Corn, and her possible murderer, David L. Corn. They arrested the woman's husband and solved the case. Here are a couple of links to articles about this story.

Last year Danny helped with a very old (from approx. 1850) and rare cast iron casket that was found in Missouri. Here is a link to a television interview and article that KMBC Kansas City-TV did on Danny last year about the coffin. Here is another link to an article that the maneater did on Danny and the coffin

Danny took some of my family on a tour of his lab last spring to view the cast iron casket and the woman's remains.
My sister Cathy and Danny looking at the woman's bones.

So when you have a little brother who when he is 4 years old is telling the construction workers how to build houses or goes to the field at the top of your street and see's a "real live bear" don't totally brush him off as just being an annoying story telling little brother because one day he may grow up to be really telling true stories from the bones he digs up. I think part of him never grew up that he just likes to dig in the dirt!! I am so proud of you Danny and Deborah!

Here are some links to other stories that Danny has been involved in.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My 3rd Son Jesse is 27 Today!

Happy Birthday Jesse!!
This is Jesse on His first Birthday
I think he is about 2 here
5th grade?
Jesse and his family in January 2008

I had these in the computer already but didn't mark the ages on them, silly me. Anyway, Happy Birthday Jesse. Jesse is my third son and and he is 27 years old today! My Jesse has always taken the hard road at life, but he has turned into a good husband, father and man. Jesse will always fight for what he believes in where as I would just sit back and be quiet. I admire this quality about Jesse even if I don't always agree with him. I am very proud of you Jesse and I love you so much!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'll Share Today

I am not so lucky as to find any thrift shops around were I live, so I usually EBay it. When I lived in Wichita, Kansas they had some wonderful thrift shops and my Grandma was the one who got me going to them. Her friends would go and take her and she would get basically clothes for herself and Grandpa. I go for the fun things though, but since I'm here in small town Nowheresville, USA I will share with you what I've been getting on EBay lately.

I am planning on making a valance for my bedroom out of vintage hankies. I have started a collection (here are some of them) and I actually just found a really good deal on EBay this morning bought 22 more hankies. I can't wait to get them. I should have enough after I get those to make my valance.

Irish Linen Hankies with Crochet and I think Tatted Edges

Check out how fine the crochet or tatting is

I also got these really cool Cocktail Napkins on EBay. They are black and gold and have birds and bird cages on them. The box is so pretty with its pink and black. The cocktail napkins kind of remind me of some Michael Miller fabric.

Michael Miller's Escape

I hope you enjoy seeing some of my new treasures.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Joke for you, A Joke on Me and Terrific Tuesday's Giveaway

Okay, I decided that a joke was appropriate for today. My son's speech therapist, Kathy, sent me this joke, I guess because every Tuesday and Thursday I am apologizing and griping about how dirty my house is and how no one ever helps me to clean it! Sorry Kathy!

Q: How many women with PMS does it take to change a light bulb?

Woman's Answer: One! ONLY ONE!!!!

And do you know WHY?

Because no one else in this house knows HOW to change a light bulb!

They don't even know that the bulb is BURNED OUT!!

They would sit in the dark for THREE DAYS before they figured it out. And, once they figured it out, they wouldn't be able to find the #&%!* light bulbs despite the fact that they've been in the SAME CABINET for the past 17 YEARS!

But if they did, by some miracle of God, actually find them, 2 DAYS LATER, the chair they dragged to stand on to change the STUPID light bulb would STILL BE IN THE SAME SPOT!!!!!






I'm sorry. What was the question?

I'm in the middle of cleaning, sorting and throwing away stuff from my craft area. I can't believe how much stuff I can cram into one little closet. It's like one of those teeny cars stuffed full of clowns. They just keep piling out. That is what my bags of fabric, stickers, more fabric, paper, more fabric, ribbon, more fabric, odds and ends of stuff I don't know what I'll ever do with but I can't part with it and yes, more fabric is doing. Piling out and out and out. Know that I'm getting the closet cleaned out and putting stuff in the basement I have to go clean the basement to find room to put all the piles. I think it is a lost cause, but I am woman, and I shall keep trying so that I can make it look like I don't have as much stuff as I really have, so that I can go out and buy more.

It is Terrific Tuesday and I don't know what I'm giving away yet. I need to go rummage through one of my piles real quick and see what I can find that I can part with. I'll be right back after I do that and change a diaper:(

Okay, I found something. I made these cones around Valentines Day to sell in my shop. You can hang them on a doorknob or on a dresser drawer and put little pretties in it. If you would like to win this just leave me a comment today and I'll enter your name.

Cami, Marcia and Pintoo I still have your giveaways sitting here ready to go, I just have to get my butt in the car and go to the post office. Sorry for the tardiness, I will definitely have them out this week!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Brown Paper Bag Swap

If you joined The Brown Paper Bag Swap, I did send everyone their partners names today. If you joined and didn't receive a partner please let me know. I had a screaming child at my side while I was trying to get them done and another crawling all over the place. I'm sure some you know what I'm talking about!

Thanks to everyone who voted for my card for the Etsy for Charity. I won!! I can't believe I won and that I got such nice prizes!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My 100th Post

Well, it is my 100th post and I was going to do a giveaway, but instead I am going to ask for all of you for something. I am asking that everyone keep my niece, Bridget, who attends Fort Hays College in Kansas, in your thoughts and prayers. Bridget, was in an accident today. Bridget was participating in a first aid class for a camp job she was going to have this summer. Somehow, I don't have all the details, she fell 20 feet. She has a broken pelvis and a collapsed lung. Currently they don't think she has any head injuries. My mom, Bridget's Grandma Jo, is on her way to be with her because my brother and his wife are in Chicago at another child's college graduation and they can't get a flight out until tomorrow. Bridget is one of those people who has infectious smile, she is creative, and has a strong desire to help others. Just look at that smile!
So for my 100th post I am asking everyone to please say a little prayer and/or just keep Bridget and my brother and his wife, Mike and Therese, in your thoughts today.

An hour and a half later (11:30ish):
I just got an update.
For some reason the just moved Bridget out of the regular ICU and put her in a Coronary ICU. They told her cousin it was so they could watch her lung better. Mom's there now so she'll find out more.
Another update - her lung isn't collapsed but bruised. It sounds better but I guess it's worse. It puts more pressure on her heart, thus, the transfer to CIU. Bridget doesn't remember how she fell or what happened. I guess they are going to investigate it in the morning??

Update at 12:25 the Next day:
I guess Bridget had just finished up doing a mock rescue on some ropes when she fell. My mom said it is going to take 6 - 12 months for her to fully recover and be pain free. Bridget's goal though is to be able to walk down the isle at her brother Joe's wedding in August. Bridget is the maid of honor. I hope the best for her!! I'm sure with a lot of determination Bridget will accomplish a lot!

Thanks again for remembering her in your thoughts and prayers!

Friday, May 16, 2008

LunchBox Swap

Yesterday I received the sweetest bag from Regina, the person who sent me a Lunchbox Swap item. Isn't this bag just so pretty and functional! I love the bag and I love the little birdie pocket on the front of the bag. Regina also sent me a cup with the ice thing that goes down the middle (Ezie stole that as soon as he saw it), a sandwich container and a Freez Pak. She also sent some really cute note cards. Check out her blog and her Etsy shop, she has a variety of really nice things. Regina has plaques, jewelry made from yoyo's, potholders, etc.....

Thanks again Regina!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Brown Paper Bag Swap

Hurry, Hurry, Come one, come all!!!!

There are only 3 more days left to sign up for The Brown Paper Bag Swap. You can make a paper bag scrapbook, tags, decorate bags for gift giving, envelopes, a collage using some brown paper bags in it, ATC's and anything else your creative mind can think of. You will have almost a whole month to "create" a wonderful item out of a brown paper bag (or white if you choose!) Just click on The Brown Paper Bag and you will get all the information and some samples of what you can make. Then just leave a comment or email me with your info.

Come on, it's going to be fun!! Come join us!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A New Picture

I just got this tonight. This is my fourth son, Daniel, my daughter-in-law Tedi and my twin 7 month old grandson's, T.J. (in the green) and Jordan (in the brown). I just thought I would share this wonderful picture with everyone.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Terrific Tuesday Giveaway

This week I am giving away 40 4x4 precut flannel fabric squares that were donated to me by 1 OAK Designs. . They are great quality, cut very neatly and stacked perfectly every time. These would make a beautiful baby quilt when mixed with a solid color. Leave a comment under this post about anything that's on your mind and I'll enter your name in the drawing. Have a Terrific Tuesday!!
Pintoo is the winner of the fabric squares!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Etsy for Charity--You could win a prize just for voting!!

This is my entry. Simplicity is Beautiful! Please vote for me!!
EtsyForCharity says:
Etsy for Charity has received 10 lovely entries for EFC May Challenge - Mom Would Love This!The challenge winner will win the following prizes kindly sponsored by EFC members :

1) $10 Shopping Spree (Free Shipping) by UniqueGrabs
2) $15 Gift Certificate by ClaireAndJanae
3) A Pair of Earrings - Blossoming Beauty by ErinToKuuke
4) A Felted Pin - BlueBird by ValeriesGallery
5) 2 Pair of Earrings by Happy Robin

Now, it is time for all of us to pick a Winner for EFC May Challenge - Mom Would Love This!

Voting begins from 11 to 17 May 2008!

All Etsy sellers and buyers are welcome to take part in this voting session!

To make the voting more interesting, all voters will get a chance to win a $10 Shopping Spree (Free Shipping) at What you need to do is to place your vote and then post in this forum thread that you have voted. Your name will then be entered for the draw on 18 May 2008. One winner will be picked! Cast your votes now! We need your votes! The more the merrier!

If you are interested to be an EFC member so as to be updated on EFC activities, please register at

All donations are voluntary!

Thank you to all who have supported EFC!

One of My Most Memorable Mother's Day Presents

My older 3 boys bought me this card for Mother's day, gosh, I'd say like 20 years ago. I should have put a date on it. There is a sweet story behind this card and one that I will cherish forever.

My ex-husband was terrible about remembering Mother's Day, my birthday, Valentines Day, actually, he pretty much forgot any "day" that was suppose to be special for me. He had excuses like the classic, "Your not my mother" or "I forgot" or "the kids should have got you something, you're their mom". As he got better he would hand me a card while we were in the store and say "read this". I would read it and then he would say something like, "now you've read the card that I would have bought you for Mother's Day, so now I don't have to buy it". Anyway, it honestly was not the getting of a gift or a card that upset me so much, it was the fact that he wouldn't take the time to think of me. I spent many Mother's Days, birthdays and Valentines Days crying non stop. (I used to be one of those people that once I start crying I will go on and on all day long) My boys always felt bad, but it wasn't there fault.

Okay, finally to the sweet part. When my boys were probably 8, 9 and 11, give or take a year or two, they bought me this card with their "own money" and not only did they give me this beautiful card, but they told me this was the house they would buy for me someday. (I have always dreamed of having a house like this with a big porch) I have had this card in my china cabinet for around 20 years now and it is as special to me now as it was then. Even if my ex didn't get the point of Mother's Day at 30 years old I knew my boys did by the time they were 10. It isn't the gift that matters, it's the love and the thoughtfulness that my boys put into buying this card for me. It's the fact that they thought of me and told me how much they loved me. That is all I ever wanted.

So 20 years later, my ex always takes his new wife, of which he has no children with, out for a Mother's Day steak dinner and buys her an expensive gift. I don't know, maybe he's grateful she couldn't have any of his kids and that's why he goes all out on her. Maybe he grew up? Yeah, actually he has grown up a lot. My boys, as far as I know, for the most part are thoughtful to their wives and girlfriends and my daughter and her boyfriend are thoughtful with each other too. You know, the funny thing about my kids is if you ask them if they won the lottery or came into a huge amount of money what they would do with the money, the (the five older kids) first thing they say is "buy a house for momma" and then they list all their own personal items. I thank God for blessing me with 8 wonderful children. I love all of you, Jeremy, Chad, Jesse, Daniel, Alexis, Ezie, Mallory and Jace.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Yes, You Can Do It Too!

Yes, you can do it too! You could join The Brown Paper Bag Swap that I am hosting and have some fun getting creative with paper bags. I previously showed an example of a Paper Bag Scrapbook and now I am showing you 4 different tags that I made out of brown paper bags.The photo definitely does not do this tag justice. It came out so pretty. I used homemade paper for the background and it is really more of a whitish color not so pinkish. The gold and white paper on the dress is a brown paper bag that I crumbled up several times and then decoupaged the white musical note paper to. Then I add some gold paint and blotted it so it wouldn't cover all of the white up. After that dried I added more decoupage glue. I machine stitched the lace on and their is a gold heart button hand sewn on over the heart.
These 3 tags are just pictures I got from on-line shops and printed then I stitched them onto scraps of a brown paper bag. I rubbed the edges on an ink pad and added fibers and either eyelets or letters to them for embellishments.

My DIL made this up using the pictures of my 5 oldest boys. So funny!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

All 8 of my kids

All 8 of my kids

My 6 Grandkids

My 6 Grandkids

Me, Earl, My daughter-in-laws, son-in-law, kids & grandkids

Me, Earl, My daughter-in-laws, son-in-law, kids & grandkids

The Whole Family

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Well, here I am - this is me, Sherry

Well, here I am - this is me, Sherry

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