Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idol

I LOVED last nights show!!! Oh my gosh, all five of the contestants looked amazing and sounded wonderful!!! My top three favorites are Adam, Kris and Danny. Kris is so darn cute and so is Danny. Adam blows me away every week with his unique style and every week he out does himself.

Who will leave tonight???? They are all great, but I think it will be Matt.

Who do you think will leave tonight??

My Work in Progress

Earl and I spent most of the weekend working in the flower gardens. His tiller broke so we ended up doing all the digging and tilling by hand. It was a lot of work, but it looks a lot better.

This is the root Mallory and I pulled out of the ground from a thorny bush. The bush part wasn't very big, but the root was a pain in the butt!
In New York hosta plants seem to be very popular. Who ever lived here before lined the front of the flower bed with hostas. They're okay, but not my idea of the main plant I want in the flower bed in the front of the house. So Earl, the kids and I dug them all up.
and spread them out along the side of the house where there wasn't anything growning.

and now this is what the flower bed looks like. I transplanted some Iris' and kept 3 of the hosta plants, 2 lilac bushes and some Lily's are in the flower bed so far. Earl is going to go buy me some little flowers today to add some color and fill in spaces while the other plants grow.

This is a lot of what I've been up to. I can't wait to get more done and see how pretty it looks!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The 2nd Annual Brown Paper Bag Swap

Last year I hosted my first swap and I was amazed at how creative people were with a simple brown paper bag. So exactly one year to the date (I don't know how I figured that one out, coincidence!) I am hosting The 2nd Annual Brown Paper Bag Swap.

The Brown Paper Bag is such a simple item and how many of us started off as little kids crafting with brown paper bags? In school we decorated them for goodie bags, made puppets out of them, used them for our lunches, etc.... My mom made my little guy, Jace, a brown paper bag scrapbook when he was born. It was so cute and yet so simple. I love it!! Below are some pictures of things that people made last year for The Brown paper Bag Swap.

So what I am thinking is that we (hopefully others like this idea too and join the swap!) could use a brown paper bag and create something for our partner out of it. It doesn't matter how you use the bag as long as it is somehow used in your swap. It could be added to your art piece, made into a tag, it could be the main part of the item, whatever you can come up with.

My rules for the swap are:

1. You must use a brown paper bag in your handmade swap item. You can purchase things to add to or embelish though.

2. You MUST contact your swap partner by email. You need to say "Hi", introduce yourself and then tell them a little about yourself. I am making this a rule because I have participated in a couple of swaps and have never heard from the person I am exchanging with. I think this takes away from the whole point of the swap and kind of leaves everything up in the air. Make a new friend, it doesn't mean you have to email them constantly, but be friendly.

3. Please thank your partner for the package they send to you. I hate when I swap with someone and they don't just say "thank you". I may be late on most of my swaps, but I do put a lot of work into them and I do appreciate the work that my partner puts into theirs. Everyone likes to here "thank you!"

4. There is $15.00 (+ or - a little) price limit. All Homemade is fine!!! Please don't worry about going out and purchasing things. I'm sure between tags, cards, scrapbooks, etc..... everyone can come up with enough stuff to feel satisified. Please just be comfortable with yourself and what you send.

Okay, sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Please email me at or leave me a comment on my blog if you would like to join the swap. I need your:


Email address

Blog address if you have one

I will take sign ups until May 18, 2009. The mail out date for your brown paper bag item will be June 12, 2009 (that is anniversary day the patent was granted for the machine that makes the paper bags we use now days.)

Please spread the word if your interested and feel free to post info about the swap so others will join. I'm so excited to see what everyone comes up with!!!

I will open a Flickr Group up for the projects to be posted to if you want to join it.

If your interested, here is a little history on the Brown Paper Bag as we know it now. There were other paper bags before this and other people involved in the invention of the bags. I just decided to post about the type of bags that are familiar to us now days.

Square-Bottom Paper Bag w/ pleated sides

On June 12, 1883 the U.S. Patent office issued #279,505 to Chas Stilwell a patent for a paper bag machine. After fighting for the Union in the Civil War, Charles Stilwell began to tinker with the idea of making a better paper bag. Paper bags already existed at this time, but they had many flaws. They had to be pasted together by hand; their V-shaped bottoms prevented them from standing on their own; and they were not easily collapsible or conveniently stackable. In the summer of 1883, Stilwell put into operation the first machine to produce paper bags. The bags had flat bottoms for standing up straight by themselves and pleated sides that made them easy to fold and stack. Dubbed the S.O.S., or Self-Opening Sack, it remains in widespread use today. With the birth of the American supermarket in the early 1930s, demand for Stilwell’s paper bags skyrocketed. Their versatility, strength, and low cost made them first a nationwide then a worldwide phenomenon.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It Feels Good!

When I started baby sitting I decided one of the first things I wanted to buy with the money I earned was a grill for Earl. So here it is. It's not quite as fancy as he would have liked to have had, but the one he really wants is out there in dream land. When he becomes a chef like Bobby Flay he can buy the $800.00 plus grill that he wants!! He is happy with this grill and we were happy with the dinner he made for us last night on it and it felt really good to be able to buy something for Earl with money that I earned!

This is what one of the flower beds out front looked like last weekend when I started to rake it.
Here is what it looked like last night. Mallory and I dug up one of the bushes that I cut down last week because it has the nastiest thorns on it. I don't want any thorns, except on roses, around the yard with kids. I dug up some of the plants that were in this flower garden and transplanted them to the side of the house. They aren't the type of plant I want in the front. Earl and I bought 2 lilac bushes yesterday and a three Lily's. I'm going to transplant some of the other Lily's that are scattered around the yard over to the front until I have enough $$ to buy what I want to put out there. In time it is going to be pretty! Hopefully by next year I will be able to get all the plants I want to put out there.

Mallory and Jace are watering my surprise plants for me. I don't know what these plants are that are coming up. Who ever lived here before had a few little flower beds scattered around the yard. I am planning on weeding and then finding some big river rocks to put around the flower beds. I'm having fun doing my yard work and I wasn't nearly as sore as I thought I'd be. Hopefully I'll loose a little bit of weight in the process!! It feels so good to be outside and have a yard to put flowers in again!!!

I hope everyone has a great day!!!

I'm hoping to go blog visiting tonight since I haven't had much time to visit anyone lately. I do think of you all and miss reading your blogs. I have to work on organizing my time better!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yarni Gras Fiesta Apron Swap

I started a babysitting job on Monday with a 3 year old little girl. What a difference one more child can make! My whole schedule has been rearranged and I need to find time to blog now.

I received the cutest apron from CathyJean when we entered Val from Yarni Gras Fiesta Apron Swap. I love the fabric and the pattern CathyJean used. She made the cutest little yo-yo's and added them to the top straps and then added some super big purple ric rac across the front of the apron. CathyJean also sent me a cute jalapeno salt and pepper shaker set and a yummy recipe for a layered Mexican dip.

Here is my Mallory modeling the apron that CathyJean sent.

Here is the apron that I made for Jeanie. I noticed that Jeanie lines most of her aprons so I made this apron reversible. I also added a strap to the waistband so Jeanie could stick a towel in it. I hope it works out! I also made her a hot pad and crocheted her a couple of dishcloths.

This was a fun swap Val! Thanks for asking me to join!!

Now I need to get the apron made that I promised my sister way back in the fall.
Sorry Cathy! I haven't forgot!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Found A Little Piece of Heaven

Last night I actually went out! My daughter Lexie and her friend Amber took me to A.C. Moore to get some crafty stuff for my daughter-in-laws baby shower. A.C. Moore did not have much at all and the prices were high. Amber said she remembered they just opened a new Michaels in the shopping center across the off we went. We got there 15 minutes before they closed and what a tease that was! This new Michaels was gorgeous!!! It is the nicest Michael's I have ever seen! It was clean, very well stocked and they already had things on clearance!! I only got to see a portion of the paper section, but I can't wait to go back!! I could spend literally hours in there just looking around.

I had so much fun last night! We went to A.C. Moore, Michaels, Wal-Mart and then back to my house for a few minutes. It was so nice to get out of the house without any kids and just have fun with some girls!! Thanks Lexie and Amber!!!

Now I'm off to get my first haircut in almost a year! Woo-Hoo!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why Does This Make Me Cry?

photo from

Everyone probably already knows by now I love to watch American Idol. I'm also sure everyone has seen the Britain's Got Talent version on the news over the last few days of the contestant Susan Boyle. If you haven't you really should go to and watch it. It is an amazing video and every time I watch, I cry.

Why does watching this video immediately bring tears to my eyes?

Did it bring tears to your eyes?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We're on Spring Break and Spring Weather is Here!!!

It was so pretty out today. Just a little chilly, but the kids have LOVED playing outside all day! Jace didn't understand at first why I wouldn't give him his coat to put on, but it didn't take him to long of being outside to quit asking. I've had the windows open and it's just been gorgeous!
There is a little girl next door that is the same age as Mallory. It's been really nice for her to have playmate. Ezie had a friend from the old house over last night and now he's over there tonight. Everyone is Jace's best friend. He just loves being around kids.

After the daycare is closed the kids can go over her and play. This is basically our backyard. Yay for Spring!!!! Yay for the Sunshine!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt with the Family & an Easter Egg Swap

Yesterday for Easter all 8 of the my kids, the five spouses and partners, and all 8 of the grandkids came over for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. It was so nice having everyone here!! We had an egg hunt in the playground for the kids. It was the perfect place to have one except it was so cold!! Here are a few of the pictures of some of the kids.

Daniel and one of the twins are in the background and Chad and Olivia are in the front.

Tedi and the other twin as he's finding an egg.

Sabrina my oldest grand daughter and another grand daughter, Olivia, checking out their bags.

Jeremy my oldest son and Jace my youngest son.

Lexie, Vivianna and Ezie looking for eggs

Trying to take a picture of all 8 grandkids wasn't easy. On the couch we have
Vivianna (11) holding Anthony (22 months)
then Sabrina (11) holding Austin (5 months)
and then Olivia (6) holding Chad, Jr. (3 months)
and then on the floor are the twins Jordan & T.J. (18 months).

Stephanie had an Easter Egg Surprise Swap and my partner was Rebekah. Rebekah sent a great swap package to me. There was so much stuff! The kids ate some of the candies before I could get pictures of everything. Here are some of the pictures of the things she sent.

This is what I sent to Rebekah.
I hope everyone else had a Wonderful Easter!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Here's the kids after dying their eggs yesterday. They had fun and did a good job. Ezie had the idea to get a paint brush for Jace and he laid his egg down and then painted it with the dyes. It worked out really well and he didn't end up spilling a bowl of dye over.

I hope everyone has a fun day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ezie's Bird House and A Birdie Swap

Yesterday it was actually pretty decent so since Earl had the day off Ezie grabbed him first thing in the morning for some Dad time. Earl got this wooden crate from work so after Ezie tore it apart he had wood for a bird house.
Ezie drilling holes and Jace patiently waiting his turn to be a "helper"

Finally! Jace gets his turn to help!

Ezie with the finished product! Honestly I was expecting a 6-12 inch size birdhouse........not a mansion! Ezie still needs to paint it, but he is pretty darn proud of what he built and I am just as proud of him!

I was in Lori's Bird Swap and my partner Julie sent me this beautiful swap package. There is some pretty little birdies, a bird house, an embroidered towel and the cute little frame with a nest on it.

Here's what I sent to Julie. I hope she likes everything!

Thank you Lori for a fun swap and Thank You Julie for a wonderful swap package!
Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

"Only the Good Fridays"

I have been terrible about posting on Fridays about the good I see in my world. Basically because as I've said before my world is in our home 24/7.

  1. I do see the sweet bus driver, Carla, that takes Ezie and Mallory to and from school every day. She is always so sweet to them and waves to Jace every time she stops.
  2. I see, Kathy, Jace's speech therapist who is so much more than a speech therapist to me. Kathy has become a much needed friend to me who always takes the time to do "girl talk" after Jace's sessions.
  3. I see my wonderful kids who love each other even though they don't always like to admit to it and bring a smile to my face (most of the time!).
  4. I see Earl who works so hard for us and always puts his family first.
  5. I see my beautiful daughter, Alexis, who is so loving towards her siblings and who strives to keep all of her brothers and her sister together. Lexie always calls or visits the older kids and tries to spend time with the younger ones.
  6. I have my blogger friends who leave me such sweet comments and a few that are wonderful confidents.
  7. I have my sister, Cathy, who always keeps in touch with me and started a family blog for all of my siblings and parents to keep in touch with each other.

Even though I am not exposed to the outside world to much right now, I have a wonderful family and friends that I am extremely thank for.

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

We have had so many rainy days lately and we're suppose to keep having them.....but at least it's still in the 40-50's and not freezing!!! Since we haven't lived here to long I don't know what kind of flowers for sure that I have coming up. I think I know, but it is like little surprises coming out of the ground! I'm so glad that there are some flowers already here and coming up so beautifully. I haven't raked yet because it still isn't that warm and I figure the plants could use a few more weeks of a little bit of coverage. I can't wait to get out there and rake and plant and have a beautiful flower garden again!!

After the Viv's Easter Egg Hunt yesterday Earl painted some branches for me so I could have a little Easter Tree. We have the old kind of radiators and I like to put something in front of these pipes to kind of pull the attention away from them.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Viv's Easter Egg Hunt

It's finally time for Viv's Easter Egg Hunt. A month or so ago all of the swap participants sent Viv two decorated eggs and then she mixed them up and we all got two eggs back. I didn't actually decorate my egg, but I made the chicken egg covers based off of the ones my Grandma made for us on Easter when I was younger. They hold a special place in my heart so I really hope whoever rec'd my little chickens likes them. Okay, I found out who rec'd my little chickens. One Viv kept and the other one went to Debb.

Today we are all suppose to blog hop and go on a hunt to find out who made the eggs we rec'd.
Here are the two beautiful eggs I rec'd and then the middle one with a few little goodies from Viv. I rec'd a beautiful glittery egg with a bunny inside and then a gorgeous egg made with felt, sequins and a pretty big bow on top. They are both so pretty and I can't wait to show them off when the kids all come over next week for Easter Dinner.
So, now off to hunt to find out who made my beautiful eggs. This was a fun swap Viv! Thank you so much! After a wonderful time blog hopping I finally found out who my eggs came from. The cute little Bunny Egg came from April at The Art Chick and the beautiful white egg came from Julie at ShabbyWears. Thanks to both of you for such beautiful eggs!!! Earl made me a little tree today to hand my eggs on. It looks so pretty in the living room!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Silly Kids

This is my 18 year old daughter, Alexis, with her 20 month old son, Anthony's, coat on. Lexie only weighs about 80-85 lbs. and Anthony is a little chunk.
Earl and I took Jace to the Dollar Tree last night and Jace saw this "cowboy" hat that he wanted and then I saw the horse so we had to get both. He was so cute in the parking lot galloping with his horse and yelling "Hee-Haw Partner". It was the cutest thing and all for only $2.00!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jessica's A Charming Color Swap

I joined Jessica's from Kids Napping, I'm Scrapping's A Charming Color Swap and Deborah from Deb's Vintage Soul was my partner. Deborah sent me the most wonderful package!! I got a journal, yarn, a bag of vintage buttons, lace and the most unique set of patches. There are so many cool patches I can't wait to use them on stuff!! Deborah also made the cutest little jar with a bird and flowers on it. It is so pretty and I will definitely find a special place to put it. There is even more in my package as you can see.

I sent Deborah a crocheted hotpad, dishcloths, chicken, heart and flowers. I also made her some note cards and then sent some ribbon, beads, other flowers, and other little things.
It was a great swap! Thank you so much Deborah!! We're also partners for Priscila's Vintage Circus Swap. I'm getting busy on that one now.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Missy's Fairy Swaps for Me and the Kids

Missy had a grown up fairy swap that I joined and a kids one that Ezie and Mallory participated in. We all had so much fun giving and receiving. Here is the fairy, wand and little notebook that Missy sent to me.

The fairy doll that Missy made is a picture of one of her Grandmothers. I think that makes it so special!!! I love the wand and the color of it is so pretty! Missy did a tutorial on her blog about how to make the fairy doll if anyone is interested.
Here's what I sent to Missy. I crocheted a Garden Fairy outfit for a Barbie doll and the sent her a wand and a couple of my little fairy ornaments.

This is the package that Ezie received from Robin. I love the handmade wand and you can't really see the little items but there is a candle and a cup from a nut shell. There is a felted pouch and ball and I forgot to put the crystals in the picture. Ezie loved his swap package!!! Thanks Robin!

This is the package Mallory received from her partner Alyssa. She loves her wand and the bunny got so many hugs! Jace loves the body spray as much or more than Mallory does. This was a great swap package Alyssa!! Thanks so much!

This is the package Ezie and I put together for Robin. Ezie printed off some coloring sheets from the game Wizards.101 and then he designed the wand and we found some extra goodies to stick in.

Alyssa got some flowers, a tote bag and a Tinkerbell fairy bag along with her wand and some body tattoo's. Mallory had fun helping to design and pick everything out.

Thanks for a great swap Missy!! The kids and I had so much fun! Missy also has a flickr group page if you would love to see all the enchanting Fairy Swap stuff.

My DIL made this up using the pictures of my 5 oldest boys. So funny!

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All 8 of my kids

All 8 of my kids

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My 6 Grandkids

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Me, Earl, My daughter-in-laws, son-in-law, kids & grandkids

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