Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You Know Your Old When ...... Small Talk

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you
again to all of you for making
my birthday so wonderful!!
I can't even begin
to tell you how much it means to me!!
You have all really touched my heart!

I realized one day in late July that I was getting old by little things that were happening in my day to day today's Small Talk is to share the things that make you realize that your getting old too. Surely I'm not alone in this?!?!?!

I really got to thinking about it while I was at my kids baseball trophy day. I was sitting on the bleachers with my 17 year old daughter Alexis watching all the kids on the field. One of the coaches, he's in his early to mid thirties and not to bad looking, got his shirt wet or something. Anyway he took his shirt off and my daughter says, "Oh Gross!! Put your shirt back on!" I'm sitting there thinking, "HHhhhmmm, you should put your shirt back on, but not bad, not bad at all!" I told my 17 year old daughter to just wait 25 years or so and "that" will look good to her too! She wasn't impressed on convinced!!

I realized I was getting old when I had my last baby 2 years ago and afterwards whenever my daughter Alexis and I would go shopping people assumed Jace was her baby. Look, I may have been to old to have another baby, but she was to young!

I realized I was getting old when my oldest son turned 30. Wasn't he just a baby yesterday?

I realized I was getting old when all the other mom's in my younger kids class were younger than my older kids and so were the teachers!

I realized I was getting old when my knees decided to quit bending. That was never suppose to happen to me!

I realized I was getting old when I discovered I wore "Mom" clothes. Mom clothes include elastic waist pants (okay, I understand that one) and panties that aren't thongs!

I realized I was getting old when a month ago my neighbor said she got made fun of for saying the word "stylin". I guess that's not "the" word for being stylish anymore???? Who knew??

I have so many more, but I can't wait to here some of yours!!

Also, Jean from would like me to post the following info. I have decided in my old age that if we don't help those in need, who's going too? I think that it's just our duty as people to help others out in their time of need. So here is the info Jean sent me:

Hurricane Ike Activation!
Dear friends. We need your help! We have received e-mails from a number of individuals and agencies. There is an immediate need for supplies, clothing and toiletries. Now that the storm has passed, we have networked with the Texas TERT Team Coordinator, Texas NENA and National NENA to confirm the need and start this very important activation.

Galveston, Orange and Beaumont areas have an intense need. This is for the many dispatchers that have been working since the hurricane. They are running out of fresh clothes and daily needs. We are only beginning to see what the losses are for these many 9-1-1 heroes since most have been working for days and have been unable to check their homes. Some are "waterlocked" and can't leave their centers until roads and utilities are safe.

Here is the plan! Please collect the following items:
Clothes of any sizes (read important note below)
New shoes and boots (no used please)
Socks (new)
Toiletries (soaps, lotion, shampoo, combs, baby powder)
Feminine Products
Baby Wipes (used for quick cleaning since showers and baths are impossible)
Paper products ( toilet paper, tissues, paper towels)
Purel or other sanitizing hand cleaner
Food items (things that can be easily heated or microwaved)
Snack/Candy (anything that won't melt in hot/humid temps)
Things to help time pass (magazines, puzzles, cards)
Imagine your own dispatch center. After three days of eating everything in the cabinets, what's left? Get things like ice tea mix, coffee, sugar, creamer, snack stuff, etc.

These dispatch centers are in evacuated areas of Texas but they have stayed behind for rescue and security of their communities. They can't just send someone to a FEMA shelter to get stuff, those shelters are hours away. If you are in driving distance from Houston , there is a need for cases of bottled water also. Contact us offline and we'll coordinate your offers for help.

At this time, we are not asking for money or gift cards. There isn't a mechanism to shop locally yet (everything is closed or damaged) and we don't have a list of specific needs other than what is listed above.

CLOTHING NOTE. We're all adults, so please take this in the spirit intended. During our Katrina Activation, we had amazing stuff donated. That being said, some people just sent whatever was in the musty attic. These agencies have NO fresh water, no washing machines, no dryers, etc. PLEASE wash EVERYTHING you send! Let them open a " Downey fresh" box from you, not a nightmare :)

Put everything in the box.
Write the contents on one side. You don't have to be specific. Just write clothes, snacks, magazines or whatever you send. Address it.

Thanks to Lisa Dodson at Harris County 9-1-1 we have a secure location to send it to! Add Harris to your hero list, they have stepped up to be the base camp for donations that will be distributed to all affected areas. Mail or UPS to:

Harris County Communications Division
Attn; 911 CARES
1301 Franklin Street
Houston, TX 77002

If you have questions, Houston has agreed to be the Texas contact point. PLEASE call only if you need to. They are still very busy and we don't want to overwhelm them with calls.

UPS,FedEx and US Postal are all working to get boxes where they need to go. There are shipping updates daily as trucks can get there. We will post daily updates this week at (scroll below the yellow ACTIVATION STRIPE for the most current info)


Suzie Button said...

Hi Sherry, i enjoyed the calculator game, it's amazing some mathmetician can figure out how to make that work, isn't it?! I also enjoyed your ways of recognizing you're getting older, now that my firstborn (she's 27) is pregnant and I'm thinking "grandma?? me?! I completely feel just like you! I will have to also gather up items to send to the need for the hurricane victims. Thanks for posting that! Suzie

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Wow! That birthday calculater is amazing! I couldn't believe it when I did it and got 724 my birth month and day. Not so much that it was accurate, but because I managed to do it without messing up, normally numbers make my head hurt. Twyla

Dianne said...

Hi Sherry! Stop saying you're old when you just had a baby and you're two years younger than me woman! ; )
I would say you feel old when your hairdresser 'only knows for sure' what color your hair really is. That's if you get to her in time before the roots start to show! And speaking of hair, what happened to what was on the top? I don't want to look like Ben Franklin someday! It's not that bad, but I have to style it a certain way.
I feel old when I don't know the current groups or singers. My son can usually sets me straight. I did want 'The Fray' CD, but I never got it from him.
I also feel old when we watch movies like 'Across the Universe' (based on the Beatles music) and I can sing along and my son thinks it's lame.
Thanks for the hurricane info. I was going to go through my closets anyway, so this would be a great time to see if there was anything cute that I can't wear anymore to donate.
Cool calculator too!

Polka Dot Moon said...

I'm giggling over this ;)

Okay, you know your old when the checker at the grocery store is wearing a button that says "We Card 39 and Younger" and you are purchasing some "spirits" and say to him, do you want to see my I.D. and he says..."Naaaaaahhh"! Hmmm - the nerve ;)


Were diagnosed with arthritis in your hip in your late 30's.

I hope you had a fabulous Birthday Sherry!


I'm so glad you read the little story about Shay. I'm still weepy over it.

Anonymous said...

OK here's one...
you know you're getting old when you don't fit in with the "young mom's group" because you're kids are all in school.

Thanks for the info on how to help the victims of Ike!

(I received my Wizard of Oz package in the mail today... I'll post it next week after Kathleen gets the one from me!)


Dawn said...

Hi sherry
Well I've known for a while now I'm getting older!!! LOL
My outlook has changed!
You know when you go into a fashion shop and the music is blaring before I would have been bopping along NOW I can't wait to get outta there!!

I like my PJ's and fluffy socks - Oh Dear!!

Staying in is the new Going Out!!! LOL

Hope you are well


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