Friday, September 12, 2008

Truth or Dare?

Today I thought I would share some of the stupid things with you that I've done in my life. These are true and no I'm not a blonde (no offense to you blondes)!!

When I was 16 and first starting to drive I was going to be nice and put gas in my dad's car seeing as how he was letting me drive it. Sounds like a responsible thing to do, right? Well my dad stressed to me to always put UNLEADED gas in the car. I pull into the gas station (and this is when they had just started doing self-serve) and got out of the car. I'm looking at the different types of gas and they had LEAD FREE and LEADED. Well I got back in the car and headed home to apologize to daddy for not putting gas in the car. I wasn't sure which one to put in because none of them said UNLEADED. Duh! I didn't think it was to funny but my dad got a kick out of it.

Around the same time period my Grandpa had given us a bunch of apples. One night I decided to make an apple pie. I made the pie crust from scratch and I really filled the pie with apples. It was gorgeous!! I proudly took a piece to my dad and he was amazed at how perfect my pie looked. Then he tasted it............he made a terrible face and ask me what I put in it. I showed him the ingredients and then we discovered that the bowl of "sugar" that was on the table was really canning salt. I had put canning salt into my beautiful pie instead of sugar. I didn't make another apple pie for probably a good 20 years and my dad still gets a kick out of this story 30 years later.

        Okay, last story. When I was in my late 20's I went to get gas for my car on my lunch hour. The gas station was just a block or so from where I worked. I park the car, fill it up and go into pay. I'm paying and chit chatting with the cashier when he says, "is that your car?" I don't even look I just tell him the color thinking somebody else must be getting gas too. He says, "No, LOOK, is that your car?" I look out and my car is rolling backwards out of the driveway of the gas station and headed for 4 lanes of 45 mile an hour traffic. I go running out after my car, mind you I'm in a dress and heals, trying to "catch it". It just kept on going almost hitting a couple of cars as it went across the road. OMG, I about died every time a car started coming. Amazingly, my car did a good job of driving itself and it didn't hit anyone. It got all the way across and bounced off the curb and then stopped. I ran across the street and as I'm saying a few prayers I started it back up and got out of there. I almost died I was so embarrassed!!

        These are just a couple of True stories of some of the stupid things that I have done. Thankfully I am not quite so "blonde" anymore!! I think I had to do a couple of stupid things just to give my dad something to tease me about.............for the rest of my life!!!

        Now it's your turn. Come on, I know I'm not the only one out there that did some stupid things!! At least I hope not! So tell us your true stories!!

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        Rainma said...

        Okay Sherry, here goes. Why do you bring out these crazy ideas for stories? I love it!!
        1- Your apple pie story matches my biscuit story. I spent summers with my grandparents & my grandmother was a huge volunteer, so one day off she goes and grandpa and I are home when he decides we will cook dinner.
        He made baked chicken with real mashed potatoes, a cream pie and I made the biscuits following the recipe exactly.
        Grandma comes home and we all sit down to eat. I grab a bite of my biscuit and something isn't right, but I didn't say anything. I could see grandpa was going through the same thing. Grandma praises both of us takes a bite of the biscuit & lady like spits it out in her napkin. What did you put in the biscuits she asks? I name off the ingredients and she asks where I got the baking powder & I said out of the baking powder can....Ooops! Seems grandma didn't tell anyone she kept her Cream of Tartar in that can! We all laughed ourselves silly.

        2-Normally I wear 'presentable jammies to bed,' but one night (this is not X rated) I decided to wear this really nice satiny nightie hubby had bought me (it was a beautiful reddish orange satin). In the morning I figured I would just sit on the back porch and have my coffee. You guessed it, I locked myself out & no one was home. I sat there for awhile before I had the nerve to walk into the front yard and go in the front door. Of course my neighbor caught me. He shouts out; 'If you are mowing the lawn in that, you can mow mine too.' Without a word I went inside and closed the door!

        3-You know those little round metal burner covers to make your electric stove look pretty? I removed one of those, turned on the stove and placed a pan on it to boil. Awhile later, my husband comes in and asked what the smell is? I am in LaLa land, I don't know. He looks in the set the kitchen on fire. There were flames, but he quickly put it out and tossed the cover in the sink. But did I learn a lesson? No, I immediately turned around and did the same think to another one. I need a gas stove, at least then I know when I turn the wrong burner on.

        Suzie Button said...

        Oh, Sherry, This can be humiliating! I have to post it here and not on my blog so other captioners don't see it, ok? EEK!
        When I was training in sports captioning with the sports trainer, Steve, for the company I was working for, he would tell you to practice a recorded tape of whatever sport you were trying to learn how to caption effectively for. In this case, it was tennis, I'm not a fan of tennis, so all the terminology didn't come naturally. So, ok, I had this DVD tape of a tennis game and I played it several times and captioned it to practice up before I wrote it for Steve, who, thank goodness, was in VA watching via the wonder of technology and not in the room with me in Dallas, as I was so embarrassed because at one point while Steve was remotely watching me caption the game, I wrote that the announcer had said "He's playing like a daisy." So the tape hits a commercial, and Steve comes over the headphones and says, Suzie, you had this error, that error, and I saved the best for last. Steve said, you captioned "he's playing like a daisy." I said, I know, I thought that was a weird thing for the announcer to say, Steve. He laughs and says, Suzie, what he REALLY said was "he's playing lackadasically." How dim-witted did I seem? Can you imagine if that had been a LIVE tennis game on CBS or ABC and I wrote that Roger Federer was playing like a DAISY?!! Well, later on at Christmas, I decided to stitch a gift for Steve since he had put up with me, so I used my embroidery machine to stitch him a pillow on a blue background like a TV screen, and I stitched daisies on the sides and the words "like a daisy" on it! He loved it! We still laugh about it! Suzie

        Dianne said...

        Once I had my family over for dinner and had standing rib roast. I thought I had put it in for long enough, but every time I checked it, it was still raw inside. I don't think I thawed it enough and that may have been the problem. Everyone was basically sitting around twiddling their thumbs and getting really hungry-like for 2 hours or so after dinnertime! I wised up and turned the oven up about 50 degrees and we finally got to eat-I think it was good. : )
        A crafty blunder was making a pinata out of a huge balloon, Mod Podge, newspaper and tissue paper. It looked pretty and all, but the kids could not get it to break open it was so solidly made. I think they threw it on the floor and hit the heck out of it to get to the candy.
        A driving blunder was going the wrong way on the way home from NJ and ended up in south Philly outside the sports complex. For a country girl, I was a bit scared, but just turned around and watched the signs better.

        Melinda Cornish said...

        Mine is on my blog, go ahead and have a giggle at my expense.....Melinda the dingbat...

        Sara said...

        omgosh! i was laughing so hard at the last gas story!!!! Sherry, you crack me up!!!!! I swear, every day I am doing something ditzy! lol I will have to think of some memorable ditzy moments and comment you back!!!! I just havent been on lately, Chloe has been "sick" ~ oh what fun! lol Have a great weekend!!!!! =]

        Paula Clare said...

        Okay, here's one of my MANY "most embarassing moments":

        My first experience driving an ATV...that's ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE right? I was mortified, didn't know WHAT I was doing, but decided if it was TRULY all terrain I could drive it through a ditch(more specifically OVER a ditch. Well, little did I know, the ditch was 6 feet deep and full of water from a previous thunderstorm (the tall grass had it all camouflaged so nicely)

        So I go to make a daring leap (evil knievel style) and (of course) land right in the middle of the ditch. The ATV was glug-glugging and still trying to climb out, and in the process pinned me against the bank in the mud. I was laughing so hard (as was my sister who is (like me) rendered USELESS when laughing) that I couldn't do anything but lay there "like a slug. It was my best defense" (my favorite quote from "A Christmas Story")

        My farm/ATV saavy cousin (6 years old...did I mention I was 16 at the time?)Came to rescue his "big cousin" who was (by this time) a complete mudpie and hysterical.

        I've never been on an ATV since.

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