Thursday, September 18, 2008

Featured Guest

Today my Featured Guest is Cathy from The Life and Adventures of Cateepoo. I don't have any crafty pictures to show you, but some words about an amazing woman.

Cathy is my little sister by six years. I have actually looked at Cathy as more of the big sister since she was in college. Unlike me, Cathy has a great self esteem and she goes after what she wants in life. I might have been the rebellious one and got into trouble for having a smart mouth or for sneaking around, but I always thought Cathy was so daring. She did things that were different than the way my mom did them. Not that either way is wrong, mind you, but I was always scared as an adult to be different than what I thought was expected of me.

If you haven't read Cathy's blog you are missing some wonderful reading!

Cathy UnSchools her two kids, Alexander and Sophia. I'll admit, at first I wasn't sure she was doing the right thing by not sending the kids to school, but she has done an amazing job. Alexander and Sophia are learning, but at there own pace and learning about the things that they are interested in learning about. You'll have to read more on her blog and the blog Wild Indigo Life Learners. It is a great way of teaching if it is right for you and your family.

Cathy was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a little over four years ago. She has taken a very brave step in getting off all her medications and healing herself with a Gluten free diet, Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Orthobionomy, Diffusion and Metaphysics. Cathy has a wonderful husband and kids who are very positive and encouraging of her and what she is doing. To find out more on these subjects click here to go directly to the page where Cathy talks about it. I'm so proud of her and after seven long months of no meds Cathy has been pain free for a whole month now. Yay!!!

Cathy is 40 now and she has decided to let her hair go it's natural color and to quit coloring it. In this day and age I think that is a brave thing for a woman to do. It's one of those double standards. Men look distinguished and handsome with gray hair and women look old. Yes, I still do color my hair, but I think that aging is a beautiful thing. I can remember looking at the age marks on my Granny and Grandma's hands and thinking they were so beautiful. I remember their skin getting thin and thinking that was beautiful too. I would think about all the wonderful things those hands had created and worked hard to get that way.

One of the other things that Cathy has started and I love it is a post on the Simplest Things in Life. It is a wonderful way to remember how just the tiniest things in our lives can be so meaningful and bring us joy.

So if you haven't visited Cathy's blog you should definitely go and visit her. She is a smart and amazing woman and a wonderful sister! She has a very positive attitude regarding life and is a real inspiration to me! I am so proud of her!!


Dianne said...

Cathy is a lovely sister! Wow, that is wonderful about what she did for her health. Kudos to her!
One thing I missed was having a sister. I kinda looked at my mom as my sister and my grandmom as the mother figure, since she helped raise up.
I'm not ready to go gray yet either. I hear ya on the men looking distinguished with gray. My FIL always put that greasy tonic on his hair to keep it dark-phew!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Sherry, I had no idea she was your sister! I had seen her blog before, but had not read it a lot. Since you introduced her yesterday I have been reading through her posts and you are right - she is an inspiration! I also 'unschooled' my kids and believe that they learn from what they are interested in. Thank you so much for telling us about her so that we can enjoy her great blog too! Have a great day! Twyla

Polka Dot Moon said...

Thanks for introducing us to your sister. What a nice sister you are to too ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

Rainma said...

You are so amazing and inspirational and so is Cathy who has stopped by to encourage me with my Fibromyalgia...BTW, I also quit my meds a few days ago.

Dawn said...

Hi Sherry
Wow your sister is a brave lady and what a great blog - love her outlook on life..
The post about her withdrawl from her meds was amazing.


Barbara Hagerty said...

Sherry, thank you so much for posting about your sister!! I can't wait to stop by and take a look at her blog!

Angela Harris said...

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