Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Small Talk

Now that the party guests are arriving it's time for some small talk. Let's see.......what do people do when they first get to a party. Hugs, they're always great!!!

Then the small talk. How's the family? Good.
How's yours? Great!
You look great! Oh, Thanks!
Did you do something different to your hair? Oh, I got it trimmed, why does it look bad?
Oh no, I just thought it looked different.

Introductions are next. Here's a list of the guests so far.
This is Angela, Barbara, Beth, Bunny B., Cathy, Dianne, Emily, Heidi, Jessica, Lisa, Lori, Melinda, Melissa, Missy, Sammi, Sophia, Susan, Therese, Twlya, Lindsey, and last, but not least by any means, Victoria. (The link list is on my sidebar so be sure and check out everyone's blog sometime over the next few days!) I had some really sweet people just drop in and say Congrats and hello and I do appreciate them so much too!! I do have your names in the drawing too!!

I have a few questions that I came up with. I'll answer them and if you want to answer them on your blog that would be great so all the visitors can get to know you better as they mingle around the room. Just copy and paste them to your blog and erase my answers and replace them with yours.

What type of job do you have? House Mommy
Where do you live? Rensselaer, New York but I am originally from Wichita, Kansas---There's
No Place Like Home!!
Where do you do your crafts/art work? In the living room
What is your favorite daytime beverage? Coffee, Those flavored carbonated Waters, Iced Tea,
What is your favorite dessert? Ice Cream, pies, cheesecake, etc.......
Do you watch soap opera's and if you do what's your favorite? No, we watch Noggin, PBS and
Disney. My favorites are Miss Spider, Franklin, Little Bear. I love the mom's in these 3 shows. They have the greatest mothering skills! Especially Miss Spider. Miss Spider is such a great mom!! I want to be just like her, well except, I really don't want to be a spider, someone might
squish me!!
What's the last movie you saw in a movie theatre? That would have to be about 3 or 4 years
ago we went to see Madagascar on my Grandaughters birthday a few years back. Before that it was the first Cheaper by the Dozen we took 4 or 5 girls for my daughter's birthday.

Okay, that's enough for today. As you can see, I have a pretty boring life. If anyone can think up some more exciting questions for later on email me at sherryreneew@hotmail.com . I will answer pretty much anything. So let's see what kind of questions you guys can come up with!!


Enchantments and Giggles said...

Congrats on your anniversary!

Bunny B said...

Madagascar 2's coming out soon!! :)

Trish said...

Congrats on your blogiversary! I don't think your life sounds boring at all! I long for the simple days of toddler tv and mmmmm.... who doesn't love cheesecake!!!

Lisa West said...

Love this idea!! Congrats, isn't it fun? I will include myself in the fun when the kids are in beddibye tonight. Love, Lisa

Cathy said...

I answered my questions on my blog and look forward to a cup of tea and lots of blogs to check out in the morning. I am supposed to be preparing for class tonight and got carried away with answering questions.
Love ya blogiversary girl!

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

It's fun mingling Sherry. :) I'll post the ?s and answers on my blog, too. You're a great hostess! *smiles*

Angela Harris said...

What? Madagascar 2? It's a good thingI came to the party. I had no idea. Cool. Sherry I put up a pic of Valencia with her dance bag and outfit you sent. Come see. Thank you!
Angela Harris

tyketto said...

No - your life is far from boring. I am going to answer your questions now...Beth

Spottedheart said...

I answered the questions on my blog too! Sophia

mysteryhistorymom said...

I love this, Sherry! I will post my answers later on my blog, too!:-) Lori

Melinda Cornish said...

I did mine too on my blog...I will go check out everyones tomorrow! Melinda

fairychildheirlooms said...

I just posted the button and questions on my blog!

Zandyman said...

I have my questions/answers on my blog. Zandyman

i am very mary said...

Have you ever had a wart? Well, have you?!

Barbara Hagerty said...

OK! Your questions/my answers are now on my blog HERE. Off to look at the others soon!

Kathy said...

I love this small talk post, what a great idea. I'm off to check out some others...

BTW, are you going to tell us when your actual birthday is???

Congratulations on your one year, I just reached mine too...hard to believe!


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