Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Let's Talk Shop!

I thought today we could do some more "small talk".

Let's Talk About Shopping!

  1. Where is your favorite place to shop? I like to shop at Wal-Mart for most things because they have a little bit of everything.

  2. Would you rather shop on-line or in the stores? I like to do both.

  3. If you needed new undergarments, but you saw something that you didn’t really need, but just wanted, which would you buy? Definitely, the thing I didn't need and just wanted!!

  4. What really annoys you about other shoppers? When they cut in front of you and don't say excuse me!

  5. Have you ever got up to the checkout stand and had a ton of stuff in your cart and after they rang everything up you realized you didn’t have your money, check book, debit card, or credit cards? Yes, why Yes I have! A few times actually! It is so embarrassing!
  6. If you buy something that isn’t necessary or something just for fun do you feel like you have to justify it to yourself or your partner? 100% Yes. I always feel guilty and have to justify what I spend!

  7. Do you hide those unnecessary things for awhile and then later claim you’ve had them for a long time? I'm guilty! I do this with craft stuff especially!

Let me know if you answer the questions and I'll make up a list of everyone that did so it will be faster to go to the blogs that participated.

Thanks and Have a funfilled day!!

Here are a couple of pictures to look at.

Can you tell what this picture says??

How many different faces do you see in this picture?


Polka Dot Moon said...

Oh fun!

Here are my answers:

The word is Liar

And I can only see 3 faces in the second picture.

Thanks Sherry!!

(I'm having a Giveaway this week, so please stop by)

Lisa West said...

Love your questions. I definately am guilty of buying things and claiming (a bit later) I have had it for a while. So glad I'm not alone in that one.

Country Bliss said...

I see the word liar and 3 faces.

Anonymous said...

I also see the word liar and 3 faces... great questions! I'm going to post them too.

Vintage Tea said...

Hi Sherry,

My shopping post will be up tomorrow morning!

I love visiting Wal-mart when I come to the US. People think I'm crazy that I have to shop in there rather than the shopping malls!

Victoria xx

PS I'm also having a giveaway so please visit and leave a comment.

tyketto said...

Hi Sherry. Good Questions. I'll post my answers tomorrow. Have a great night, Beth

Anonymous said...

That second drawing had me for a minute because I could see two faces right off, but I just KNEW there had to be a third.

I wanna do your shopping test!!!!

I'm gonna see if I can copy and paste those cute pictures to my blog tomorrow.

And PLEASE come to my blog Thursday. I'm going to do a tribute to my husband when he was at ground zero.

KatCollects said...

Fun questions, I will go post them on my blog and answer them now : ) Hope you are having a beautiful relaxing Tuesday!

Suzie Button said...

Hi Sherry, It's Suzie Button, I'll answer the questions on my blog before I head to bed tonight, so you can add me to your list. I dont' see anything in those drawings! What side of your brain sees these things I wonder?!! :>)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Sherry, These questions are fun! Tomorrow is Barbie Wednesday, but I will post these questions with my answers on Thurs. Twyla

Anonymous said...

I'll do the shopping post tomorrow too. I'm pooped from Flickr posting.
; )
I see 3 faces too! And see the word mentioned too.

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Hi Sherry,
Wal-mart just has everything, doesn't it? :) It's easy to get lost in their craft section!
:) I will be posting my answers on my blog, too. Hugs!

susanshoe said...

Hello folks :) I can see the word "liar" now, but I coldn't before reading the other replies. And I can see one face clearly, and I can see a nose, moustache and eye that all fit together, but I can't really see a face around them, I can just tell that there will be a face there.
My shopping natter is here
Susan :)

Cathy said...

Hi Sherry,
I just copied the questions on my blog and will now start answering.
Love you lots, Cathy

Rosie said...

Hi Sherry! I don't quite understand how all this partying works, but I saw 2 faces... knew there'd be more, but I may need coffee ('tis early!). I saw the word Liar, after doing some aerobic stretches... and I'll answer your Q's on my blog!
Barbara (Artiphy the Heart) said this was a fun place *grins*

Spottedheart said...

This sounds fun. Sorry I haven't done it yet but I just did. Check out my blog to see my awesome answers. The One and Only Sophia Marie Kramer

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