Sunday, August 31, 2008

Prayers and Goodbye's

Please keep Sarah from Gypsy Mermaid in your prayers. They have had to evacute because of Gustav. Let's hope the New Orleans area and the rest of the area's in Gustav's path stay safe!!

Also, Leigh Ann, from There's No Place Like Home will be closing her blog down this week. Please stop bye and say goodbye to her. I hate to see somebody close their blog down. It's like a friend moving away.

Everyone have a wonderful and safe Labor Day!

Friday, August 29, 2008

September Surprises!

I am planning a few surprises for the month of September.

It is my Blogiversary month and my Birthday month!

Make sure you check back for some Giveaways

and some

FUN Party Games.

We don't celebrate an anniversary at our house or my birthday,


I'm hoping that all my blogger friends and family will celebrate with me!


I want to have some fun!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Thursday

Have you ever seen a picture of someone and felt like you recognized that person? I found this picture of a young lady who lives in Scotland and as soon as I saw her I thought she looked like my Mallory grown up. I just thought it was kinda funny.

My daughter Alexis is coming home today from her trip to Chicago and Kansas. Mallory is dying to see her. She is leaving again on Saturday to go to Maryland with her dad for a couple of days and then school starts. Her senior year in High School!
Oh yeah, one more little tidbit of news. My son Chad and his wife Jenn just found out yesterday that their baby is going to be a BOY! This will make 3 grand daughters and 5 grand sons for me. Congratulations Chad & Jenn!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wandering Waif Collection GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Wandering Waif Collection GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!
This is the cutest little outfit! I love the little cape with the pom-poms! Kathleen you did a wonderful job, as usual!

Have a Happy Day!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sleepy, Busy and Guilty - 3 of My Middle Names!

I don't really have anything to post today. I didn't go to bed last night. I ran out of my medicine for my Restless Leg Syndrome and the couple of times that I did doze off I was immediately awakened with terrible pain and jerks in my legs. Earl rubbed them and put some deep heating rub on them, but it is just a temporary fix. He's so sweet to wake up and do that for me though. It is easier to just stay awake then feel the pain.

Anyways, I'm just doing my regular house stuff and working on some craft projects. My mom is going to try to sell some of my stuff at a conference she is attending in September. Aren't mom's great!!

I guess I have one thing that has been really bothering me the last couple of days. On Saturday, as the kids were getting ready to leave for their football game, Earl said someone had died in what he thought was one of Mallory's friends homes. They had the detectives and a coroner there. It is a 2 family home so I figured it wasn't Mallory's friends because Earl heard it was an older lady that died. Well, it was Mallory's friends mom. I guess the little girl found her mom dead in bed. I don't know if it was of natural causes or suicide?? I feel really bad for the little girl. I heard she was staying with friends. It was just her and her mom.

I feel really guilty though, because......

I really didn't like this lady very much. She is my age and dated my oldest son for about a month. She also taught the religion class that Mallory was in, volunteered in Mallory's class every Friday to do a craft with the class and volunteered for every PTA event. I know she sounds like a great person, and maybe she was, but she creeped me and to be honest most of the other parents too.

She lied, she manipulated and she got into every one's business. She became obsessive with my son and tried to use my neighbor and Mallory as a way to get to Jeremy. She would go tell parents that their kids were acting up in school when she was there on Fridays and said that she would teach them parenting skills. When the classroom teacher was confronted about the kids behavior she said everyone was fine and she was not to happy with this mom. I wrote a note to Mallory's teacher once because Mallory said this lady always called her a shrimp. It really bothered Mal so I just wrote a note asking if the teacher could talk to her about it. She told the teacher that her and I had been good friends for a long time and that she would talk to me about it. Well we weren't friends and she did talk to me about it. When I went to pick Mal up at religion this lady cornered me and told me a whole different story. Mallory heard what she was saying and when we left Mallory said, "Momma, she's lying. Why is she lying to you?" It really hurt Mallory's feelings that a grown up would lie like that.

Anyway, I feel really bad that she is dead. I hope she didn't commit suicide and if she did maybe I should have tried a little harder to be patient with her. I really try hard to get along with everyone and not to be judgemental, but you know how some people just rub you the wrong way? Well, as I am getting really sleepy and thinking way to much I can't get this lady out of my head.

Any advice????

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Few Neat Things I Received

I received these goodies in the mail the other day but didn't get pictures taken until today. I won this super cute towel and rooster pattern from Kathleen. The coffee cup is so me and Jace keeps bringing me the rooster pattern and saying, "cock-a-doodle-doo". It is so cute! Thanks Kathleen for making me and Jace very happy!
The picture is from Mary Ann. She is so sweet!
The picture is signed "Sherry". Very fitting don't you think!
Thanks Mary Ann!!

I won this pretty necklace from Canela's giveaway. Thanks Canela it is so pretty and I love the saying on it. It's a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies!

Thanks to Kathleen and Canela for the wonderful giveaway's and to Mary Ann for just thinking about me!! You all made me feel so special!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Give Me Your Opinion Please

Mallory and Ezie had their first scrimmage game yesterday. I guess the kids did great and had a good time. The coach from the other team saw Mallory take her helmet off and said, "Holy Shit, it's a girl" and told his guys to toughen up on her. Jerk! That's okay though, they tougher they get the more of a challenge it is for Mallory and the tougher she gets. She enjoys the challenge!

I guess one of our parents wanted to call the game because we were loosing and she didn't want our kids to get a poor self esteem????? I guess several of our parents got quite upset about the whole thing and this mom passed around the "Parent Code of Conduct" sheet which even made the other parents madder. This same mom, which is a teacher at our school, I guess told one of the coaches he shouldn't be coaching. Honestly, although he is a nice guy, he is a hot head and pretty tough on the kids. He asked the kids if they wanted to quit and only one of them did so he told him to get off the field he didn't want quitters on his team. Just for the record, our main coach was on vacation and I think things would have been different if he was there!!

My kids are playing football to have FUN and to LEARN how to play football and to learn to be on a team.
  1. I DON'T want my kids team to forfeit so their feeling get don't get hurt, they have to learn to be good losers as well as good winners.
  2. I also don't think they need to be bullied around by coaches or parents.
  3. I think they need some strict rules about team playing and encouraged to do they're best and to have fun.

It is a GAME people, for 7-9 year old kids. It is a learning experience. They are not out there to make millions of dollars or to be holding hands with their moms, they are out there to play, learn and have fun!! Parents and coaches please calm down and enjoy watching our kids play the GAME of football!

What do you think?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What Happened to My Little Girl?

I have 6 boys and 2 daughters. Alexis, my oldest daughter is 17 and quit liking just about anything that I like when she was about 5. She had her own style and things she wanted to do. Mallory is 8 and she still likes pretty much everything that I do. She still likes to wear skirts, she likes the things that I make and she is very interested in everything that I do. For the last 2 years Mallory has been a Pop Warner Cheerleader in our little town. She loves being a cheerleader and I love watching her cheer and dress up cute! She has always done great at cheerleading!!

2006 Cheerleading Competition
Mallory was 6
2007 Cheerleading Competition
Mallory was 7

Mallory NOT Cheerleading
Playing Football with her brother in 2008

Where did my cute little girl go. She is having to wear a "nut cup" and wear shoulder pads. She is playing tackle football and the coaches say she is better than most of the boys. Today is their first scrimmage game and I can't go. We don't have enough room in the truck and that's our only means of transportation right now. So off Mallory, Ezie and Daddy went to the Tackle Football game. I guess I have one strong, independent, athletic little girl that I am so proud of!! Go Rensselaer RAMS!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Would you like to Win a New Halloween Banner for your Blog?

If you would like a chance to win this banner, with your blog name on it of course, go to Isabella's Closet to enter. She will have a drawing on Friday, Aug. 29, so just go to her blog and leave a comment.

Finally, Tonight is the Big Night!

Finally, The Cheetah Girls: One World is going to be on tonight! You may be saying "Big Deal", but if you have a young daughter this is a pretty big deal, at least it is in my house. My Mallory is a HUGE Cheetah Girl Fan. She has been watching the first two Cheetah Girls movies ALL week in anticipation of tonight's premier.

I have to admit, I don't mind watching the Cheetah Girls movies with her, occasionally. I like their music and I like the lessons the movies are trying to teach. They focus on friendship, working out family issues, and embracing your heritage.

The first movie was located in New York City, the second in Barcelona, Spain and tonight's is in Bollywood, India. I love the colors of the clothes and the fact that they mixed traditional Indian dance with Hip Hop for a multicultural dance. If you watch it you have to remember that these girls are suppose to have just graduated from High School and in the past two movies they do act age appropriate. That includes the drama of a High School girl. It's only 11 more hours until it starts. Cheetalicious!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Apple Orchard Overalls GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Apple Orchard Overalls GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Recycling Paper and Other Stuff

I joined a Tiny Scraps Postcard Swap on Swapbot the other day and had so much fun making these postcards that I just kept on going. I only have to make 3, but what a clever way to use my little scraps of paper. Some of them are just the little thing long pieces that I have trimmed off of my papers and others are scraps that I just cut into little squares. I stitched on them after glueing the pieces on.

Yesterday Mallory and I made some homemade paper. The kids love to join in on the blending and mixing up the pulp with their hands. Mallory was noticing the difference in the fibers after we blended them up yesterday.

I made these Spider Man Gift Bags for my sister Stacey to put her boys birthday presents in. I have a bunch of Christmas ones cut out and ready to start.

This is Jake, Anthony and Lexie on a Water Taxi in Chicago. My sister Cathy and her family took them out for the day last Sunday to see Chicago.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Loosing Internet Access Sucks!

I was almost done typing my post on Monday morning when we lost the Internet. We finally got it back this afternoon. I found myself wondering the last couple of days how my blogger friends were doing. I was hoping Melinda was doing okay, I was wondering about what new things Beth and Lori were doing with their kids, how Denise's son was liking school and how Jessica was dealing with her daughter going to Kindergarten. I was wondering what beautiful thing Angela had created in the last couple of days and what so many others were up to, Vallen and Mary Ann just to name a few. It amazes me how people that I never even met have become such a big part of my daily life. So anyway, now I'm back and almost ready to post some pictures of what I've been doing the last couple of days without you guys.

Monday, August 18, 2008

New York to Chicago and finally Kansas!

This is a painting of the Amtrak Station that is about 1 1/2 miles from our house. My daughter Alexis, her boyfriend Jake and my little grandson Anthony left from here on Friday evening to start their summer adventure.

They spent about 23 hours on a train similar to this. They did have a break a little over halfway through and stayed with my sister Cathy and her family in Naperville, Illinois for a night and part of a day. Lexie has only seen my mom and my 2 brothers in the last 12 years. So she didn't really now my sister and her family but she said they had so much fun!! Thanks Cathy for making Lexie and the boys feel welcome and showing them a great time!!!
They arrived in Wichita, Kansas this morning about 4:00 a.m. My sweet niece Jessica woke up and picked them up from the train station. Thanks Jess!

I hope you guys are having a great time visiting everyone and getting to now our family!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tags, Tags and More Tags

This is what I did last night and today. Some of these tags are going in my Etsy Shop and a couple to a friend. I love sewing the paper scraps together and see what combinations I come up with. I made a few more tags I just have to add the ribbon to them. I also started crocheting a cupcake purse for another friends daughter. That was pretty much my day except folding laundry and trying to ignore the stack of dishes that keep piling up. Guess I should go do those.

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Third Paper Bag Scrapbook

I was going to give the last scrapbook to a friend, but my daughter thought this one was better. So this is the one I'm giving away and the one with the ladies on it is in my Etsy Shop.

I used scraps and sewed them together in strips to make the cover.
This is some of my corally colored handmade paper. I love the color. It has a little bit of veining on it where I had placed a leaf for texture.
More handmade paper and pockets added.My handmade paper with Anise in it and birdie pictures.
Sheet music paper sewn onto fabric with sweet little birdies singing.
Handmade paper and a polka dot pocket.
I made this paper with little strands of yarn in it to add some color.
The final page with purple handmade paper and a brownish pocket and trim.
The back cover is more scraps stitched together.
I think this was a fun way to use up my scraps!
Okay, I have one more set of bags distressed for another aged looking scrapbook and then I have to get started on the bags that my mom and sister ordered from me, the crocheted blanket that has been ordered and more swaps. I suppose I really need to get a move on it! Right Mom?!?!?! I'm having so much fun doing these little scrapbooks though that I don't want to quit! The kids are making some right now. They are having fun picking out paper from Mom's pretty paper stash. I hate giving up my paper, I'm a hoarder when it comes to paper!

Summer by the Lake Swimsuit GIVEAWAY!!!!

Summer by the Lake Swimsuit GIVEAWAY!!!! Another cute giveaway from Kathleen at Grossgrains! Check her sight to see the Hat the Lily is wearing. It's so cute!!

The Cutest Giveaways!

Cheryl at PolkaDots & RicRac is having her blogiversary giveaway! She is giving away a wonderful package of goodies, so be sure and check out her blog. The Annie is one of Nicole's from Raggedy Old Annies. I hope I win! I've always wanted one of her Annies, but spending money on myself for a doll just isn't in the budget, if you know what I mean!! Someday.......

Another Giveaway is from

Angie at Sandals & Daisies

she is having a 50th post giveaway!

I like both of her giveaways, BUT, I love, love the pink set!

A Different Paper Bag Scrapbook

This is a another paper bag scrapbook that I am sending to a friend.
The front cover is some fabric that I bought a year or so ago.
I machine stitched around the ladies and added a little flower to the blonde's hair.
This is some handmade paper I purchased and then added some bird nest pics and buttons.

This is some of my own handmade paper. I love the black paper I made!
fabric and more of my handmade paper
I added skeleton leaves to this page.
mulberry paper
My handmade paper with anise added. It smells yummy!
Fabric and my handmade paper and a cute little bluebird.
The back is more of the fabric and I machine stitched around the lady.
Three tags to go with the book.
I love this fabric. I bought it a year or so ago and never knew what to do with it. I just had to buy it because it was pretty. So now I found a good use for it. I knew I would! I love using handmade paper! I love making paper! It's fun and I can be creative with what I want to add to it. I need to make some more.........after I clean the kitchen good. Darn it, I hate cleaning, I'd much rather just craft!!

My DIL made this up using the pictures of my 5 oldest boys. So funny!

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All 8 of my kids

All 8 of my kids

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My 6 Grandkids

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Me, Earl, My daughter-in-laws, son-in-law, kids & grandkids

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