Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Men - You Gotta Love Them!

I woke up feeling somewhat better this morning but decided to go on and go to the Doctor's anyway. She said I "just" had the flu. No, she being a mom too, completely understood how it's hard to watch little ones when your "dying" from the flu. Yes, I felt like I was dying!!

As of a couple of hours I am officially back to being a mom, housewife and a nonpittied member of my household. Earl took the day off today to take me to the doctor's and help me with Jace and housework that somehow didn't get done for the last 3 days. My magical fairy didn't come around either, she rarely does, actually I don't know that she ever has, so I don't know why I would expect her to now.

Okay, I'm straying away from the story. Earl told me after the doctor's appointment that he wanted me to just take it easy today and make sure I was completely feeling good before I started this major house cleaning we have to have done by next Tuesday morning. I tried to take a nap and I couldn't so we took some stuff to our storage unit. When we got back I laid down on the floor and crocheted a little and did some finishing up on some of my swap stuff while I was laying there. I had 2 tiny seams I needed to sew and as soon as I got to the sewing machine he says "You know we have all that stuff we have to get done by Tuesday, maybe you should be working instead of sewing". I kept my calm and went on and finished what I was doing and a couple of other little things and then......

I went down to the basement and started moving boxes and tables and sweeping all the crap that gets on a basement floor up. Earl comes in when I'm about half way done (he comes in from talking to the neighbors and playing baseball with the kids) to tell me I should go rest. "What???? What did you say?," I said. "Excuse me, you told me I should take it easy today and then as soon as I go to sew 2 seams you tell me I really need to get busy cleaning. Now that I can't even get to my washer and dryer your telling me to go rest?"

Of course. he sheepishly grins and stutters, "Uh, Uh, well um....". He's so cute!!

I can't complain. Earl takes good care of us and he did do a ton of dishes today and help take care of Jace. He also works 2 jobs and cooks every night. I can cook, but he likes to cook when he comes home to help him relax.

So I am physically feeling better, now if I could just get the stressers to go away!!
Have a great evening and thanks for so many nice messages !!!

1 comment:

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Sherry happy to hear you are feeling a lttle better.
Sad but true Moms are not allowed to get sick because once they do everything just falls in a heap around us

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