Monday, November 3, 2008

Can we Please Just Be Nice?!?!?

I wasn't going to post anything about the election, but...... I changed my mind. Months ago I thought I had made up my mind about who I was going to vote for in the Presidential Election, but the closer the election gets the more undecided I am.

Honestly, I will just be glad when it's all over with and all the nastiness and negativity stops. I would love to be able to watch "big people t.v." without hearing so many mean things being said about politicians. Why does running for a public office mean you have to be mean and vicious??? Why can't the politicians just take responsibility for themselves and talk about their qualifications??? I hate the mudslinging!!!!!!!! Honestly, I think our politicians need to go back to Kindergarten and learn how to play fair.

Ezie has come home from school saying, "McCain sucks!" I have to stop him and ask him what does he really know about McCain??? What does he know about Obama???? He knows nothing except what he hears from others and on t.v.. Earl and I had Ezie sit down and watch a debate with us and talked about how America is suppose to be a free country, a country where you can express your ideas regardless of sex, race or religion. Are we suppose to teach mudslinging or respect for the ideas that each politician has??? I want to teach my kids that you don't have to believe in a certain politicians ideas, but, you can still respect that politician for his ideas, you don't have to say mean or vicious things about that person. Voting is a right that we have as Americans, voting is a personal decision that we should be able to make without being put down for. Vote for who you believe will be best person to run our country, and respect others for doing the same, even if it's not the same person as you voted for.

I do know that more than likely, unless he just has a terrible night, I will be voting for Warren Sapp tonight on Dancing with the Stars!! For a big man he can sure dance and he has the cutest darn facial expressions!!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Very well said, Sherry! Bravo! By the way, I like to watch Warren Sapp dance too. He is cute. I am having a hard time this year who I want to win. Twyla

Polka Dot Moon said...

I know who I'm voting for, but dare not say anything on my blog!! Not sure why this bring out the "ugliness" in people - and all the lies, finger-pointing, etc. And people believe everything they read. Sometimes the internet can be a bad thing!


I love DWTS and Warren Sapp is terrific!

Dianne said...'s almost over...thank goodness. Who I really wanted isn't there, so it's not that exciting for me, but I plan to vote for the second best. Someday we'll have a woman prez.

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