Sunday, August 24, 2008

Give Me Your Opinion Please

Mallory and Ezie had their first scrimmage game yesterday. I guess the kids did great and had a good time. The coach from the other team saw Mallory take her helmet off and said, "Holy Shit, it's a girl" and told his guys to toughen up on her. Jerk! That's okay though, they tougher they get the more of a challenge it is for Mallory and the tougher she gets. She enjoys the challenge!

I guess one of our parents wanted to call the game because we were loosing and she didn't want our kids to get a poor self esteem????? I guess several of our parents got quite upset about the whole thing and this mom passed around the "Parent Code of Conduct" sheet which even made the other parents madder. This same mom, which is a teacher at our school, I guess told one of the coaches he shouldn't be coaching. Honestly, although he is a nice guy, he is a hot head and pretty tough on the kids. He asked the kids if they wanted to quit and only one of them did so he told him to get off the field he didn't want quitters on his team. Just for the record, our main coach was on vacation and I think things would have been different if he was there!!

My kids are playing football to have FUN and to LEARN how to play football and to learn to be on a team.
  1. I DON'T want my kids team to forfeit so their feeling get don't get hurt, they have to learn to be good losers as well as good winners.
  2. I also don't think they need to be bullied around by coaches or parents.
  3. I think they need some strict rules about team playing and encouraged to do they're best and to have fun.

It is a GAME people, for 7-9 year old kids. It is a learning experience. They are not out there to make millions of dollars or to be holding hands with their moms, they are out there to play, learn and have fun!! Parents and coaches please calm down and enjoy watching our kids play the GAME of football!

What do you think?


simple~needs said...

sherry, i totally agree with you!
we had an episode similar at a family reunion. one of my cousin's wives couldnt understand why we didnt give prizes(for sack races, etc) to all the kids instead of the winners. my sister said because kids need to learn to do their best to get awards. not just get awards . it's all about being your best .
i am glad the coach made the one player leave the field. being a team and working together is part of life. i am proud of mallory . my daughters both played powder puff football in high school. it's great to see girls do things that some think are only for boys.
go mallory!!! i loved hearing them holler my daughter, storm's name out over the intercom when she went on the field.:)

Trish said...

Your post got me all fired up when I read it! I am in total agreement with you! As a former soccer and softball coach, I can tell you that learning to win graciously and lose graciously are two of the biggest lessons you can teach your child. Learning to play the sport is just one of the things we are trusting our children come away with. Good sportmanship and how to be a teammate are others.

When I was coaching, I was constantly amazed by the parents. So many were as you described, either screaming at their child because they made an error or wanting me to take them out if they missed a shot and were upset. Last year was my last year of coaching my oldest daughter's softball team. I stepped down for two reasons: 1. I felt I had taught them all that I could about the sport and how to be good players {read people} and it was time for a new perspective and 2. I was apalled by the lack of responsibility on the part of not only my players, but their parents. I can not tell you how many games we had to forfeit for lack of players... It was a bunch. And no one seemed to want to show up for practice. I teach my children and I'd hoped my players, that when one makes a commitment, one sticks to it, unless there is a darn good reason not to.

As parents, I think our job is to encourage our children in everyway possible, and to let them learn life lessons, such as how to be a good loser/winner, as they go. I do feel that if the coach or leader is behaving inappropriately that we also have a commitment to step forward and make our feelings known. I was tough and strict and expected a lot out of all of my players. However, I was also fair and the first question I would ask was "did you have fun?". Because yes, afterall, it is ONLY A GAME!!!

My three girls are all very active in a bunch of different activities, including every sport they can think of and I am trying very hard to cope with being on the bleachers rathr than the sidelines. It is difficult not to shout out what I would do and get upset when the coach does something I wouldn't or I don't understand, but unless my child is in danger, I stay out of it. (Of course my family would disagree, because they CAN hear the things I say under my breath ~ hey I'm human!)

So, Sherry, I'll get down off of my soapbox now and thank you for the chance to ramble on and on about a subject I am very passionate about!!!

Alison Gibbs said...

I think that parents/coaches sometimes forget that it is only a game and should be a fun experience too.

tyketto said...

I remember my little brother being on a traveling soccer team and how some of the parents were spirited. During one game both a coach as well as a parent were red carded and forced to spend the rest of the game on a different field. Sometimes parents need to take a step back, breathe, and remember - children are playing. They are learning to have fun. Part of playing any game is learning that you are not always going to win. And, if you happen to lose, that you can be graceful and learn from that experience.

Melinda Cornish said...

I agree with you totally....some people just dont get it! Melinda

Sara said...

To me, if a child is playing a sport because they enjoy that sport, it should not be ruined due to disruptive/controlling parents and all or nothing coaches! I completely agree that not every kid should be rewarded when they didnt do the best! I would talk to the head coach if it happens again. Good luck. OH, good for Mallory! Dont let the boys run you around! lol

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