Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why are Some People So Mean?

Have you ever done something, something that seems small and insignificant, something that you think is nice, and then you get someone who bites your head off?

Well, I did that today and I really think that MEAN PEOPLE SUCK!!!! Why do some people have to take one little thing and rip you apart for it? I know I am letting this matter bother me way to much (I've been crying for over an hour now) and that the mean person would probably get nothing but pure joy out of knowing that they totally ruined my day, but thats how I am..........overly sensitive.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with everyone that I really think that MEAN PEOPLE SUCK!!!!

Has anyone else experienced this? How do you handle it?

The person that was mean to me did email me, a very much appreciated, apology today 2/26/09. That meant a lot to me!


Anonymous said...

Sherry, don't you even worry about it my dear - I just got your second email and I KNOW what you are dealing with sweets. let me tell you - There will ALWAYS be one bad apple that tries to spoil the whole bunch - do not give her your tears, and I mean it. In my eyes, What she said is untrue - we're all friends here, and you had nothing but the best of intentions, we know that. You put all the info up front. You tried to hide absolutely nothing. You are not in the wrong. Don't let this person bother you! xo

Rannyjean said...

Sending you a hug! Mean people suck, but they also deserve our prayers!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Mean people do suck - I think there's a bumper sticker that says that too! I almost feel sorry for them. Makes you wonder why they can be so unhappy..................

Sending you some {{{Hugs}}}}!

Lisa West said...

Ohhhhhhhhh! I"m so sorry that you are still upset after some time has passed. You have a good heart. Some people allow their hearts to harden and just don't care how they make others feel. They don't even try..they become self absorbed but truly could use a prayer and some extra angels. Bless your heart. Lisa

Cathy said...

Knowing what happened, I would say that sometimes people are just looking for a reason to share their anger. Unfortunately, you were in that someone's path today. You have a good heart and meant no ill intention by it. Cathy

Yarni Gras! said...

yes, Mean People really do suck. I've run into my fair share of mean people. Let me share a story. One day I was in a VERY crowded Walmart, enough said, right?.
A lady bumped into me and said excuse me. I said "oh my gosh, it is so tight in here, we ALL bump into each other...." She smiled and then dashed off. A few minutes later, she tapped me on my shoulder in a different isle. When I looked at her, she THANKED ME for not yelling at her. She said that she had been fussed at several times already because of one thing or another.
She made my day.
Sometimes, it is the little things that remind us that there is HOPE for mankind.....

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet friend of mine, I wish I had know about this sooner. I'm sorry you had to go through an emotional time of mean things being said to you! (I would've reacted the same way as you) I wish I was there to give you a big huge hug. we've all been through times of dealing with mean people
try to let it roll off your back and remember that you have lots of friends and family that love and support YOU!!!
love ya,

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