Monday, February 23, 2009

Who's Learning More Here? Me or the Kids?

We started unschooling the kids 3 weeks ago and honestly I have kind of felt like I haven't done anything to teach them about much of anything. The whole unschooling thing is hard for all of us to completely grasp. We haven't had a day where we just sat down and did any studying or book work. I was feeling like I was letting the kids down. Over the weekend I bought some multiplication flashcards for Ezie and Mallory and some ABC flashcards for Jace. The kids and I decided last night that we would have a reading time everyday because although I enjoy reading I NEVER do it. Ezie avoids reading at all costs and Mallory reads pretty much everyday. So Mallory was really excited about the multiplication flash cards because she said she is TERRIBLE at math. She always got a "B" in math in school......terrible isn't it! Jace was very excited to practice his letters and he only forgot 4-5 of his abc's. Then this afternoon we sat down and took turns reading outloud the first chapter of the book "Hollywood Hogan", obviously Ezie picked the book out this week.

So, who learned more over the last few days?

  1. I learned that math comes to Ezie so easy and not so easily to Mallory.
  2. I learned that Ezie, although very quiet, is a very good reader.
  3. I learned that Mallory and Ezie work together to figure out the words that they don't know.
  4. I learned that Jace loves to do everything that Ezie and Mallory do.
  5. I learned that the kids love for me to spend time with them.
  6. I learned that they don't really like to be on the computer unless there with a me or each other.
  7. I learned that they are learning everyday even without me sitting down and being "a teacher" to them.
  8. I also learned that Hulk Hogan, as confident an obnoxious as he seems, really doubts himself sometimes. Who new?

We have done crafts, watched movies and discussed them, talked about racism and prejudice, talked about history, cuddled a lot more, cooked together, worked together on taking care of Jace and Anthony, started each of the kids a Facebook page, done some cleaning and organizing, and just spent some quality time together.

Tonight I was reading a new blog/site that I discovered a couple of weeks ago called the Insightful Nana. Kathy Griffiths has all kinds of tips and advice on family, cooking, home and garden, and fun things. Today she reminded her readers of the movie Dead Poet's Society with Robin Williams playing the role of an English teacher, John Keating.

I saw part of this movie several years ago and always liked it, but never remembered how much I liked it. Kathy reminded us of how Keatings got on top of his desk and encouraged his students to "Look at the World Differently". By standing on his desk he did see the world from a different view. I think that unschooling is making me look at my own kids from a different view and that they are beginning to look at learning from a different view.

Now if I haven't lost you, Kathy, the Insightful Nana, has a video on her site called If the World had a 100 People In It by John Chow. It is a wonderful little video that shows a different view of the world. It is worth watching!

The Insightful Nana is also encouraging that starting on Friday bloggers tell about people who are making a difference in their families, neighborhoods and communities. She is calling this "Only the Good Friday". It is a way to spread the Goodness and pass it on. If you would like to join in be sure and go to Kathy's site and add your name to her list by leaving a comment. My sister Cathy does something similiar to this every week on her blog. Cathy writes down the things in her life that are special to her that we normally take for granted. Cathy also has some wonderful insight, like Kathy Griffiths on life in general. Sometimes I forget what a wonderful and super duper smart sister I have!


Anonymous said...

Sherry, I think it's so wonderfull what you are doing for your kids! keep up the good work! I've heard from several sources that when you take kids out of public school, they need time to re-adjust themselves to the new schedule and way of learning. (this could take a whole year for some kids) don't let this discourage you! I can email you some helpful sources if you want me to. :)

Polka Dot Moon said...

Keep up the good work Sherry! I think that their are lots of mom that are home schooling these days!

Rannyjean said...

Sherry, thanks for sharing and being who you are! I just love you, Cathy and all my blogging friends!

Melissa said...

That's so fabulous. It's nice to read how wonderful the learning process can be. I hope you all are doing well!!

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