Monday, October 20, 2008

I Broke Down!

Jack Frost has struck again!

We had our third night of temperatures in the low 30's. I woke up this morning so cold and my bones felt like they're shivering.................... so I broke down.................. and turned on the heat.
I only turned on the heat for the lower part of our home though and only to 60 degrees. (We have 5 levels, with 1 room on each level, except upstairs we have 2 bedrooms on each of the 2 upper levels)

Jace is in a stage where he will not wear clothes. He only wants to wear his "big boy underwears" since he started potty training. I know he has to be freezing!! Earl said he started to turn the heat on early this morning but decided against doing it without asking me first. You'd think he is scared I'd get upset about it or something!?!? Surely I'm not that bad!! No, I wouldn't have gotten mad. I just don't like the house super warm. It's hard to breathe and it just costs way to much money, but I do hate to be cold!

My dad would probably die if he heard me say this because I can remember a young girl who came home from school a couple of times and was freezing and thought she would warm herself up by turning up the thermostat. The only thing is this girl turned it up to like, a 100 degrees, and then forgot about it. When her Daddy came home a couple of hours later to a HOT house he wasn't very happy with the young girl. There were 4 girls in the house............ so it must of been one of the other 3. wink! wink!

This is NOT a picture of my dad! It's just an image I borrowed.

Have a wonderful day!! I'm off to finish more swaps!

What are you all up to today? Is it cold where you are?? If not, I'm extremely jealous!!!


Katrina said...

hello again your name was above mine in an autum swap. I e-ed you to get mailing address.
So if you could please e me at so I can send you your swap. I don't want you to think I flaked on it!
Katrina in AZ

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Sherry
So you relented and turned up the heat? I don't blame you. I hate being cold. It's still really windy here and we have the heating on at the moment. We have only had one frost so for this year.
I have been at work today and am just about to start cooking an evening meal.
PS I have book tagged you on my blog.

Beth said...

Actually - it is warmer her than yesterday but we did have frost on the cars this morning. I wonder if fall is going to be short. Seems like the weather wants to jump right into winter! I'll think warm thoughts for you, Beth

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh Sherry!
The low 30's would be brilliant try the low 15's!! LOL
Yup winter is fast approaching and my heating is now on timer only put it on about 2 weeks ago but that will be it now until it gets warmer.
The wind is howling today and battering off my window - it's worse here because I look out over the bay and it gets pretty wild.

Cathy said...

Steve turned our heat on over the weekend because Sophia was sick and freezing. We keep our temperatures pretty low too - I wonder who instilled that in us?
Love you - Cathy

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

whoa, whoa, whoa... you set it at 60 to warm up the house?! geez louise. how cold is it??!! it's still so hot here in ca. don't be jealous sherry because i would rather be cold! i'm jealous! isn't that always the way it goes? ;)

KatCollects said...

I have had to turn ours on a few times already, it has been in the 50's during the day and 40's at night. Put on some warm slippers and a hat : )

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