Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yes, I am a Mean Mom

after this morning
I'm sure this is what I must look like
to Ezie and especially Mallory.
This is how our morning went.
  1. Ezie, who "knows" fashion decided that he should tell Mallory that her green skirt and green shirt that she was wearing "did not" match. Ezie decided to tell Mallory this several times, because "you know, I'm just saying, her greens don't match." I told him I know, but to please be quiet. Yes, I asked him quit harrassing his sister first thing in the morning and yes, I'm so mean. I know her greens didn't match, but it's St. Patrick's day and her friend's Aunt bought her the outfit to wear especially for today. "OMG MOM! How can you let her go to school like that???"
  2. I don't usually care how the kids wear their hair, but Mallory is letting her bangs grow out and she insists on wearing them plastered to the side of her head or down in her face. I WANT them out of her face (I know Mom, I was the same way, but this different!) she will put her hair in a ponytail, but the bangs still hang down around her cheeks. I really want her to have a little bit of regular bangs because I think she looks really cute with bangs, but I will settle for pulling the long bangs back. I know, I know.....I'm so mean, OMG Mom!
  3. I wanted Mallory to wear black leggings under her skirt today. I am upset because I bought Mallory 3-4 pairs of black leggings to wear under her skirts and dresses and now she only has 1 pair here. When she goes to her friends houses and ends up getting dirty or spending the night she will borrow an outfit. I wash the borrowed clothes immediately and send them back. So where are Mallory's leggings? She always brings her clothes home. Why do I have to blame her for loosing her leggings??? OMG Mom!
  4. Then to top off the morning I was really mean and MADE the kids wear a sweat jacket to school today. It's going to get to 53 degrees today mom!! Okay, BUT it's on 29 degrees right now!!! I let Ezie wear shorts to school and Mallory ended up taking Ezie's advice and not wearing two different colors of green so she choose a pair of Capri's instead. Whatever, your dressed and the bus will be here in 5 minutes. So shorts and Capri's it is, BUT you have to wear a jacket! Then a final OMG Mom! (with the eyes rolling at me)!!!
  5. Now as I'm typing this Jace is thinking that I may be a mean mom. He wants to take a bath, RIGHT NOW! He also wants to watch a show on tv, RIGHT what that the show isn't on RIGHT NOW and I don't have recorded. OMG MOM!

What can I say?????

I am the meanest mom ever


I don't see anything to make me

think it is going to change in the near future!

Sorry guys!!


Kissed by an Angel said...

I loved having kids!!!! They are fantastic at making us feel guilty!!! Don't beat yourself up though, they forgot it the minute they were out the door!!! In any case make them their favourite dinner!!! Or maybe dessert!!!

Amber said...

OMG. You are so totally mean. How can those 3 possibly survive?? lol Oh wait... your first 5 made it to adulthood, so you obviously know what you're doing and are doing it well!!! lol

Valerie said...

Isn't it fun??

Cathy said...

Hey You Mean Mom, you be nice today. Growing out bangs is so miserable for everyone but worth it in the end. So easy to take care of.

Yarni Gras! said...

OMG MOM! Oh, wait a aren't MY mom! LOL!
We've all been the meanest mom in the world (well, not ME of course!) HA!
They'll get over it!

LisaF said...

I guess I forgot to tell you I bequeathed my title to you. Sorry. ;-)

Kelly said...

Awfull mother :)
Ha ha I must say this did make me giggle!

Melinda Cornish said...

I think every mom in the world has been thru this is funny that Ezie is the fashion policeman......we all have our mean mom days....

My DIL made this up using the pictures of my 5 oldest boys. So funny!

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