Monday, November 23, 2009

Chocolatey Goodness!

I participated in Val's Hot for Chocolate Apron Swap and I received my package today from Nadine. OMG!!! I was napping and Earl woke me up and said you got a package and there sat this big pink box. Jace and I couldn't wait to open it up! I swear the box seemed like it didn't have a bottom because I just kept pulling more and more little packages out of it.

Here is the apron that Nadine made for me.
Isn't it gorgeous??
I can't believe how beautiful it is, and it's for me!!!!

Then Nadine made this cute tote bag and a hot pad out of the chocolate fabric.
Mallory is going to be jealous of the tote bag, but this one is for me!

Then Nadine included all of these yummy chocolates.
There are hot chocolate mixes, chocolate coffee crumble, truffles, chocolate, mint cookies, chocolate pretzels, etc......

and these chocolate scented soaps. They look just like me!!

and here is Jace trying to hide the wrapper from a chocolate he snuck. He is going nuts wanted to eat all of the chocolate up.
"Please mommy, pretty please with a cherry on top!"
(He doesn't think we should wait for Ezie and Mallory to get home to share.)

Here is the apron that I made. It's not nearly as fancy as the one I received,
but it reminds me of hot chocolate.
It's more of a pratical kind of chocolatey apron. Right??

Here is an apron I made a couple of weeks ago for one of Mallory's friends BD. I had to add the buttons at the top because after I got all done I noticed two little tiny holes in the fabric. So I added buttons and we're calling them the "Sprinkles" for the ice cream.


Amber said...

What a fun swap! Now you really have me wanting some hot chocolate, which I'm gonna go make when I'm done typing this!

And you cracked me up with the comment about the soaps! lol You're too hard on yourself, but I guess it's amusing! lol

NadineC said...

Oh Holy Cow! I have been sitting here since Saturday thinking "I am SUCH a dork because I totally forgot to include a note with the swap!" I was going to ask Val for your email addy...and hadn't done it yet because that package was just mailed on Saturday and it had to go all the way to NY. The post office said it would be Tuesday if I was lucky, but probably more like Wednesday before it got to its destination. Funny how it can take 3 days to get from Washington to Oregon...but MERE MINUTES to get from Washington to NY, LOL!

Anyways...about the boss has a little soap-making business on the side and she knows about all the swaps I'm involved in. I asked if she had any chocolate-smelly soap on hand. She didn't but she said she would make me some that very night - heart-shaped, she said. Uh...heart-shaped? Well, I suppose a naked fat lady DOES have a heart in there somewhere, LOL! It smelled so yummy, I sent it anyways :)

Glad you enjoyed what I sent :)

Valerie said...

Oh I loved seeing all your goodies that you received. It is so fun to get things in the mail. I really really love that sprinkles apron. So pretty.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

What a fun swap! You got some great things and I'm a sucker for gingham so I think the apron you made was beautiful! So, what do you think? Who's going to win tonight?! Have a great day! Twyla

Lisa West said...

Looks like great fun. I finally sewed something other than paper and made a jumper and pj pants. Not bad for me! These are wonderful! Lisa

Shawnee said...

Both chocolate aprons are adorable! ANd, I LOVE the creative fix on the birthday apron. Sprinkles!!

My DIL made this up using the pictures of my 5 oldest boys. So funny!

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