Thursday, September 24, 2009

Autism and Jace

Jace was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder. PDD falls in the umbrella of autism. In August it was determined that Jace, after 2 years, no longer needed speech therapy and I think the diagnosis of PDD definitely does not fit my little guy anymore.

Every morning when Earl takes the kids to the bus stop Ezie and Mallory race up and down our long drive way. Jace is so funny. You can see how far behind he is. He gets half way down the drive way and then turns around really quick and runs back up and then he is "The Winner!!"

This is Jace one morning after the school bus left without him. He was so disappointed!! He has his Superman lunch box packed with a snack and is ready to go learn. Poor guy....he still has 2 more years.

Jace is into Power Rangers big time. Earl went out yesterday morning and bought this costume for Jace as a surprise present. He was in heaven!

I love this picture of Ezie and Jace. Ezie is being his antagonistic self and Jace is cracking up laughing. This picture makes me smile every time I look at it!!

Part of the reason Jace was diagnosed with PDD was because of his regression in speech and then because of his being very nonsocial. He doesn't shut up now and he has become very social. When we go out he will talk to anyone and everyone. He even makes eye contact now when he talks. I'm so proud of Jace and all of his accomplishments!! He is such a wonderful little guy and a blessing!!


Amber said...

I love that little guy! And I agree- the diagnosis of PDD really doesn't seem like him at all!

He's never gonna take that Power Rangers costume off- you're going to have to cut it off of him when he grows out of it! lol

Yarni Gras! said...

what great photos and a wonderful story.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thanks for the congrats! I am so happy! I look forward to this Fall so much!


Kelly said...

Hi Sherry!
Ever since I have been reading your blog I have loved seeing and reading about your lovely children. Jace's pictures really make me smile such a little cutie!
his accomplishments reflect the love and encouragement he obviously recieves from his family so as well as being proud of Jace you should be proud of youself!
You are blessed because you deserve it :)

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

Lexie's thoughts said...

Jace truely is a blessing. Im so happy to be a part of his life. Every time I see a picture of him I can't help but smile. He makes my days so much brighter when I see him. He's such a happy little boy, & seeing him so happy makes me happy. I think he's come a far way from when he was 2. I dont think there's anything wrong with him at all. he's my little guy, & were gunna get married! i love you Jace Michael Fredrick Wescott Prespare!! whew, try saying that 10 times fast!

Valerie said...

He is a little doll! Thank the Lord for him. What a blessing. He makes me smile.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Jace is such a little cutie and I know he is a joy to you. God has blessed you! Twyla

Cathy said...

How fun to watch him each day. Alexander was really into Superman and wore his Superman pj's every single day to every place we went. It is so fun and creative to be someone else. He really is a "winner".

Nishant said...

I am so happy! I look forward to this Fall so much! Web hosting india

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