Sunday, April 26, 2009

It Feels Good!

When I started baby sitting I decided one of the first things I wanted to buy with the money I earned was a grill for Earl. So here it is. It's not quite as fancy as he would have liked to have had, but the one he really wants is out there in dream land. When he becomes a chef like Bobby Flay he can buy the $800.00 plus grill that he wants!! He is happy with this grill and we were happy with the dinner he made for us last night on it and it felt really good to be able to buy something for Earl with money that I earned!

This is what one of the flower beds out front looked like last weekend when I started to rake it.
Here is what it looked like last night. Mallory and I dug up one of the bushes that I cut down last week because it has the nastiest thorns on it. I don't want any thorns, except on roses, around the yard with kids. I dug up some of the plants that were in this flower garden and transplanted them to the side of the house. They aren't the type of plant I want in the front. Earl and I bought 2 lilac bushes yesterday and a three Lily's. I'm going to transplant some of the other Lily's that are scattered around the yard over to the front until I have enough $$ to buy what I want to put out there. In time it is going to be pretty! Hopefully by next year I will be able to get all the plants I want to put out there.

Mallory and Jace are watering my surprise plants for me. I don't know what these plants are that are coming up. Who ever lived here before had a few little flower beds scattered around the yard. I am planning on weeding and then finding some big river rocks to put around the flower beds. I'm having fun doing my yard work and I wasn't nearly as sore as I thought I'd be. Hopefully I'll loose a little bit of weight in the process!! It feels so good to be outside and have a yard to put flowers in again!!!

I hope everyone has a great day!!!

I'm hoping to go blog visiting tonight since I haven't had much time to visit anyone lately. I do think of you all and miss reading your blogs. I have to work on organizing my time better!


Beth said...

The plants look lovely & the grill does too!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Sherry
I have enjoyed catching up with your blog. That grill looks fantastic. I am sure you will all enjoy it now spring is here. I loved seeing your gardening project and your kids enjoying easter too.
Best Wishes

Dianne said...

Hi Sherry!
So nice of you to buy Earl that super duper grill. I'm sure you'll get many tasty meals from it.
Your flower bed looks like it is coming along. In the photo above the kids, behind the tulips I think I see hostas-it looks like you have a bunch of them and they will be all crowded looking when they leaf out. The kids are watering peonies! They will be taller and tend to flop over with the weight of the flowers, so you may want to make a support for them. If they are established, they don't need too much watering. Also, the little flower heads will attract ants which is fine, don't kill them or anything. They help the flowers to open.
If you want any ideas for your flower bed, let me know if it's in the sun or shade. : )
Good luck, but mostly have fun!

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