Monday, December 15, 2008

And the Swaps Are Coming In!

I participated in the Polka Dot & Ric Rac Swap hosted by Sharon - Red Geranium Cottage . I received the most beautiful quilted "Welcome" wall hanging from Nan. She also sent a couple of Moda Packs of bright fabric squares that will be fun to make something up with and a cute little notepad. I can't wait to hang the wall hanging up in the new house! It's so bright and cheery! Thanks so much Nan! You did such a wonderful job!

My partner from the swap was Dawn who lives in Australia. I'm not sure if she's rec'd my package yet because she's been having computer problems, but I hope she has. I made her an apron that the beautiful Mallory is modeling for me.
and then some notecards and a polka dot yo-yo pin and a ric rac pin and a tissue holder. The ric rac pin was fun to make. I found the directions on Knick Knacks and Ric Rac. It's a really cute blog!
Then Melissa was my swap partner for Jennifer's Vintage Pink Christmas Swap. Melissa made a cute stocking out of a vintage dress and sent some yummy peppermint bark and some other candies ("Yes!" said the kids), some candles, scrapbook stuff, a CD, Christmas coasters, a necklace with my initial on it, a vintage candy cane pin, a nutcracker ornament and some cards. I probably forgot something there was so many neat little things tucked in. Thanks so much Melissa! I love everything you sent and it was nice to get you for a swap partner!
I sent Melissa a pink start ornament that I got from Funky Shique on of my favorite Etsy Shops and I found some vintage Putz houses on Ebay since Melissa is starting to collect them. Then I made her a couple of yo-yo pins, cards and a tissue holder, a vintage pink doily and added an ornament and some candies.
Then my feet were freezing last week so after making and ripping apart a couple of different slippers I finally found a pattern that I liked. I made a pair for me and for Jace. Jace wanted nothing to do with them though so Anthony took gladly took them. Thanks Anthony! Ezie and Mallory have already picked out colors for 2 pairs each for me to make for them. They did turn out to be comfy and not to constraining on my feet,
because after all,
I am a barefoot kind of a girl,
but darn it my tootsies wouldn't stay warm.
Now they will though!


Polka Dot Moon said...

Oh how fun & fabulous!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

They look great, Sherry! Twyla

KatCollects said...

Great things given and received for the swaps, they are always so much fun. I received the coolest things for the polka dot and rick rack swap also, so many talented ladies out there! Hope you are doing well.

AwtemNymf said...

Hi Sweetie-
Just checking in to see whatcha been up to!
Hope your staying warm!
*sprinkle sprinkle*

Melissa said...

Thanks for your wonderful swap package. I'm glad you and the kids liked what I sent. I just read your interview on Swap-dex, congrats!!

Melissa said...

Thanks for your wonderful swap package. I'm glad you and the kids liked what I sent. I just read your interview on Swap-dex, congrats!!

Rainma said...

You do participate in the yummiest swaps, how fun! Just wanted to remind you if you haven't already to hop on over to my blog and vote for which Christmas wreath I should use and you may be my blog giveaway winner!

Melinda Cornish said...

that welcome quilt is so darn cute...I love your yoyo pins that you make too! how is the move going? Melinda

Dianne said...

Those slippers are adorable!
And all the good swaps! Lucky you!

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