Thursday, July 31, 2008

We Found A Fairy House and A Fairy!

When I was a little girl I loved to hear stories about fairies. I can remember being little and my mom telling me about Thumbelina and the tooth fairy. I always imagined tiny little glittery fairies flying around at night with the fireflies. Then when I was in Brownies there was a camp, Little House, that we would go to. Across the street was some sort of woods and the counselors would tell us about the fairies that lived in the woods. Then one of my very favorite movies, remember the movie the Gnome Mobile? The fairies in the Gnome Mobile is how I pretty much always pictured fairies. The Elves and the Shoemaker has always been one of my favorite fairy tales. I could just imagine the little elves sneaking in and helping the old shoemaker at night. Such fun memories of my childhood!!

So today when Ezie, Jace and I were walking Mallory home from the bus stop I noticed something I had never noticed before. We have lived here for 2 years and right across the street there is a tree with a hole in the trunk. When I saw the hole I immediately thought of the fairy stories I had heard when I was little. I told the kids that it was a fairy house. Ezie and Mallory's eyes got bright and they said, "Really?" They were amazed! They were full of questions. I told them whenever you see a tree with a hole in the bottom like that it is a fairy house and that's why we see the fireflies over there at night. I told them that usually if you see fireflies there are fairies close behind.
Our Fairy House
A Close Up of Our Fairy House Entrance
After we got in the house Ezie decided to go investigate and see if he could find any fairies. I told him not to bother them but he could take a picture of the doorway. On one of the roots next to the fairy door was a piece of loose bark. Ezie pulled it off and came running home so excited. He found proof that we really had fairies living in the tree. I was so shocked and amazed by what he found. Check this out!!

Ezie's proof that we have fairies.
Seriously now, can you see a fairy shadow in this piece of bark? There is even glitter where her wings were. They are kind of scaly looking things and they are right around the wing area and then sprinkled behind it. Can you see the image??
Anyway, we have had so much fun today talking about fairies and how lucky we are to have a fairy house right across the street from us. The kids are planning on going out tonight to try to see the fairies. It reminded me about the innocence of children and how much fun it can be to use my imagination again! I can't wait until tonight!!


Polka Dot Moon said...

I believe! I believe!

I can totally see the fairy!! We have fairies here in AZ too! I take Jackson to search for "Fairy Eggs" that are along our greenbelt, behind our house. We have turned several neighborhood kids onto them as well and we all go on treasure hunts in search of "fairy eggs"!

simple~needs said...

thats wonderful!!
i used to tell my girls there were fairies in the tees when they were younger too. get some clear glitter at the store and sprinkle it around the tree and of course a little on your porch. everyone knows that fairies like humans as much as we like them. its just that fairies are shy. :)
my two loved getting up and running to the porch looking for "fairy dust". it didnt happen alot. but it was enough to make them feel the magic..

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

oh wow. i can totally see the fairy, too! :o) my little one asked about fairies today, too. how funny. i'll have to show her this post.

jillytacy said...

This is so cool! My daughter really loves the Spiderwick Chronicles book series with all it fairies, sprites and creature. I want to show her your post about fairies, she'll love it!

tyketto said...

So cool.

Have you read Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane? She is a New Hampshire author that was inspired to write her Fairy Houses book after visiting an island off the coast of Maine. It's a good read and her illustrations are beautiful!

Vallen said...

I believe. I do believe!!!

My DIL made this up using the pictures of my 5 oldest boys. So funny!

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