Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zombies in Story Book Land Swap

 had a another fun swap for Halloween this year.....
Zombies in Story Book Land!
I haven't done a swap since last Christmas.....can you believe it????
My partner Jennifer wanted a Beauty and the Beast Zombie
so here's what I came up with.
I made a Belle Zombie doll and she's holding a Zombie Chip cup
that has some sparkling red stuff in it (blood maybe???).

I decided to do a Belle hosts a Zombie Ball Theme for my package
so I made a dish of felt treats for the guests.
Apple Slice Cookies with Poison Sprinkles
recipe provided by the Evil Stepmother
Broken Heart Cherry Tarts
recipe provided by the Queen of Hearts
Magical Mushrooms with Hallucinogenic Icing
recipe provided by Alice in Wonderland.
The treats can be used by Jennifer's kids to play tic tac toe on the fabric board I made.
I made a ribbon chandelier with glitter balls and glittery spiders hanging down from it.

Here's everything,
Belle, chandelier, treats, tic tac toe board, some crocheted eyeballs
and a little goodie bag.

I hope Jennifer likes everything!!
I really had fun making it all
 Special Thanks to Val for hosting another really fun swap!!!

1 comment:

Polka Dot Moon said...

AWESOME! Sherry, that's one of the most creative Zombie dolls! Love all the details too!!!

My DIL made this up using the pictures of my 5 oldest boys. So funny!

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