Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Yummy HomeMade Breakfast

I started making my own Greek yogurt several weeks ago

and I must say

I do a pretty darn good job at making it.

This yogurt is so good and low in calories and fat.

I use 1%  milk to make mine.

I found the recipe on Pinterest, but here is the link for it

The other night I made some granola to add to my yogurt and YUM!

I didn't measure I just kinda dumped,

but here's the jist of what I did.

I thawed a can of frozen apple juice and dumped it in my mixing bowl

then I had a bag of whole almonds and I whized those
in the whizzer to a slightly chunky consistency.

I grabbed a couple hand fulls of crasions and threw those in

then I just added oatmeal until I had a consistency that was wet, but not drippy.
Moist though not to dry.

I added approx. 3 tablespoons of honey, a dash of nutmeg
and a couple of teaspoons of cinnamon.

and then mixed it all up and baked it on 300 degrees
until the granola started to brown a little.
I also stirred it around a few times.

It smells so good!!

Then I let the granola cool and put it in a gallon sized baggie and


I have a great breakfast, snack or even a kinda sorta replacement for ice cream.



Quiltingranny said...

Thanks for sharing this with us Sherry. I love Oikos Greek yogurt but at over a dollar a container it is pricey. Will try this and see how it turns out!

Dianne said...

Wow, this is a good idea and it's so creamy-like 'buttah'.

Melinda Cornish said...

great idea. I am learning to like yogurt more but I dont know if I could eat it plain..granola would help! I love the look of your looks so good.

Melinda Cornish said...

oh yeah, I gave Olivia her hat and she wore it off and on in California. She just adores it!

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