Sunday, January 16, 2011


Lately I have been having some really weird dreams.
Before Christmas I thought it was just the stress of the holidays and now
I'm not sure......
stress, hormones, medication, ?????
I really wish I new what some of my dreams meant though.

I have had several dreams about being in a house and finding "extra" rooms in the house. Like another kitchen and living room complete with furnisher and treasures (pictures, costume jewelry, letters, clothes, etc....) from the previous tennants. Sometimes there are extra bedrooms. There is always a door though that connects to a different part of the house that someone else lives in and it always scares me.

I also have lots of dreams about people that used to be in my life. Some of these dreams make me so angry and upset that I wake up crying and angry. Other dreams are quite pleasant and they are usually about people that I haven't seen for over 30 years.

I also seem to get a lot of crocheting, sewing and baking done in my sleep. I will wake and my hands will look like I'm crocheting. Last night I woke up and I was measuring a teaspoon of baking powder. My hands are cramped in the mornings sometimes when I've dreamed about sewing with needles the night before.

So.......who has a dream diagonisis for me?
What do these reoccuring dreams mean?
I've been having them for several months now and some of them I really don't mind to much, but some of them are annoying and others just scare me or make me wake up in a bad mood.
Anyone willing to take a deeper look into my mind?


Quiltingranny said...

Sherry, do you take any sleeping medication or other medications? Many times even things as simple as OTC cold meds can give us whacky dreams. I would think with the house dream it is signifying all the changes you are making right now and I am sure remembering back to how how happy you were when you moved into where you are perhaps you are worried about leaving this behind, but I am not a dream interpreter.
I pray you have peaceful nights, I have been bothered by night terrors all my life!

Angelle said...

I know when I have vivid dreams my mind is often working through some stress or worry (that only becomes clear to me after it's finished). I pray you get restful sleep and whatever is deep in the recesses of your subconscious works its way out.

Bless you.

Dianne said...

I have had dreams where I also discovered hidden rooms. I think it means you'd like a place of your own with no interruptions. My craft table is stuck in the corner of our dining room. It's tight.

Val said...

I think that it just means you need more rooms for your crafting!!! That crocheting is addicting. I dream about that too. But honestly, you need to limit your caffeine and if you take something to help you sleep it could be that. I took a med. one time that made me have weird dreams.

Yarni Gras! said...

I've had weird dreams my entire life. I think your crocheting/sewing and baking dreams are all repressed creativity just screaming to get out!

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