Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We're GOING To Have Meatloaf For Dinner, Darn It!

Okay, I wanted meatloaf for dinner last night and Mallory was like, "Oh mom, I hate meatloaf, please don't make meatloaf." So I made hamburgers and french fries last night, but I was going to make meatloaf today....because, well, I really wanted meatloaf. So about an hour before Earl gets home from work I get ready to start making my meatloaf. That's when the headache began!
  1. No spray Pam---Okay, easily solved, I used olive oil and lightly greased my pan.
  2. No bread crumbs---Okay, again easily solved, I'll use crackers.
  3. NO Crackers---Okay, what to do??? I know, I'll get the food processor out and crush up that bag of bread cubes in the cupboard that are for leftover from the stuffing at Christmas. No problem!
  4. PROBLEM---The food processor HATES me!! It will never work for me, BUT this time at least I tried turning it on before I put anything into it and dirtied up. Smart thinking on my part if I do say so myself! Okay, I'll just use the rolling pin to mash the bread cubes.
  5. WHERE IS THE ROLLING PIN?????---the rolling pin is missing. Damn it! I'm getting really frustrated by now. I AM GOING TO MAKE MEATLOAF FOR DINNER THOUGH! I'm more determined than ever now!
  6. Solution---I put the bread cubes in a big baggie, sealed it up and then put it on the floor and used my heals to squish those stupid bread cubes.
  7. Okay, now my meatloaf is all mixed up and ready to put in the pan. What???? No tomatoes at all in the cupboard. What the hell???? Thank goodness Earl calls before he leaves work to see if I need anything from the store so he picked up my tomatoes. Whew!

So yes, I won!! We did finally have meatloaf for dinner and it actually turned out pretty good. I really hope that tomorrow nights dinner is easier to make!

Oh, by the way, Earl gets home and plugs in the stupid food processor and it starts working right away for him and then he says, "Why didn't you use the bread crumbs in the big can sitting over there?" I'm like, "Where, I looked all over the shelf where we keep them." Earl says,"No, there on the floor over there in front of the other set of cabinets." Of course they were and why didn't I look on the floor for the bread crumbs???? Only in my house!


Melinda Cornish said...

was it good? I bet it was!!! Love the little hearts flying all over by the way!!!!

Cathy said...

Too funny! Thanks for sharing this. It gave me a little smile this morning. Love you!

Lindsay-ann said...

Glad you got your meatloaf in the end!
Hope things are going better for you today.

LisaF said...

Maybe you should try something easier, like chateaubriand! ;-)

Kissed by an Angel said...

I bet you though it was going to be quick to make!!!! Ha ha!! Sounds good though!!!

Amber said...

Wow! Who knew making meatloaf could be such an adventure?! I guess having to go through all that really makes you appreciate your meal that much more... lol

Lorraine said...

well I am laughin out loud at your kids are the same real fuss pots who just eat junk food and loads of eh!! off to check your owoh..thanks for visiting my blog Sherri and making me laugh

Dianne said...

That's a shame! Next time look for a sub on the internet. I can tell you off the top of my head that the breadcrumbs are just binding agents. Fresh bread ripped up will work as will even something like instant potato flakes and an extra egg. The meatloaf browns nicely if you shape the meat into a loaf on a cookie sheet instead of sticking it in a pan-I have baked it that way and it is true.

My DIL made this up using the pictures of my 5 oldest boys. So funny!

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