Friday, May 1, 2009

My, I Mean the Kids, School Projects

Did anyone watch the new show Surviving Suburbia with Bob Saget regarding school projects and parental involvement? The new school that the kids started does lots of projects. I like doing projects with the kids, but being new to this school I didn't know how "involved" the parents got. Mallory's Egypt night I failed at. I didn't get involved enough. Oh well, she had fun and it was enjoyable. I do need to teach my kids though NOT be like their mom and be the "Queen of the Last Minute" (thanks Mom, I love it!!!)

This is a picture of Ezie's cereal box that he has had 2 weeks to do and we just started on last night. Of course it was due today. Guess who did most of the work??? Ezie had some ideas, but I discovered as I'm trying to "help" him with his project that he really didn't comprehend a lot of the book he read. He was suppose to read Mr. Popper's Penguin's. I looked the book up on Wikipedia to get the jest of the story and found out that he didn't even have his facts straight. So guess who got frustrated and did most of the project???

This is the front of the cereal box. Ezie helped pick out the images, colored them and then I did the assembling.

The kids had to put a game on the back of the box and I found a dot-to-dot, a maize and then we made a crossword puzzle up with questions from the book. The crossword puzzle was fun to make up. You put in a word you want to be on the puzzle and give the hint and after you've entered as many words as you want the computer makes up the puzzle for you. The sides of the box have a short report and the other side has for the "ingredients" a list of the characters in the book and a sentence describing them. I love the idea that his teacher, Miss Tiley, came up with! It was a fun project, but we should have started sooner! I'll never learn!!

Miss Mallory's class studied Egypt for a couple of months. Mallory started school in the middle of the unit so she didn't get to do everything. The kids had reports, maps, buildings, science projects, drawings, paper mache projects, mummified stuffed animals, costumes, food and music for all of the parents the other night. It was really neat!
Here is my little Egyptian girl
This is the Nile River. The teachers put this paper up on the ceiling throughout 2 entire hallways. It was really a neat idea!

This is the mud house that Mallory and I made. Poor people lived in these in ancient Egyptian times. Another last minute project that we had tons of time to work on.

Here is Mallory again with some of the displays.

So as you can kind of see I've been super busy this week being a 3rd and 4th grade student.......I mean Mom. It was a lot of fun learning with the kids and helping them with their projects. Next week Mallory has to demonstrate the use of a simple machine. She is going to make instant pudding for her class with a hand beater. Not to much work for me on this one. Whew!! I have my own project due tomorrow. I'm hosting a baby shower and I am not even close to being I'd better get off of here and get my self in gear!

Have a great day!


Polka Dot Moon said...

I'm stressing out about Jackson's 1st Book Report that is due Wednesday!!!
I know we'll be scrambling around come Tuesday night :(

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Alison Gibbs said...

I hate to think how many projects I did.. I mean my 4 kids did in their school years.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

You're such a good mom! I bet you kept your patience the whole time, too. I can remember telling one teacher, when my son was in school, that if this project she had for us to do was supposed to be fun and bonding, it Wasn't! Twyla

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