Friday, May 23, 2008

Do you love CSI, Forensic Files and Other Such Crime Shows?

Do you love CSI, Forensic Files and other such crime shows?? I LOVE shows like that and I am lucky enough to have a little brother who is actually a Forensic Anthropologist, Dr. Daniel J. Wescott.

I am going to brag about my little brother today. He never brags about himself. The only way we ever here about any of his accomplishments is from his wife, Deborah Cunningham, who is also a Professor at the University of Columbia-Missouri.

My little brother, Danny, is a forensic anthropologist. He is an Professor at the University of Columbia-Missouri. Here is part of a quote from the school website, "Danny Wescott has continued research in skeletal biology and assisting law enforcement agencies in forensic cases." and "He assisted law enforcement in several murder cases which also received coverage by the Columbia Tribune and KRCG 13 News."

I just received an email from Deborah the other day saying that Danny had helped in solving a recent murder in Missouri. There was a unidentifiable woman's body found in a shallow grave near the Missouri River. Danny determined that the woman had been dead anywhere from 3-30 days and that at one time she walked, but that she hadn't been able to walk recently. When this information was released by the media the calls started coming in with information about the woman's identity, Melissa A. Corn, and her possible murderer, David L. Corn. They arrested the woman's husband and solved the case. Here are a couple of links to articles about this story.

Last year Danny helped with a very old (from approx. 1850) and rare cast iron casket that was found in Missouri. Here is a link to a television interview and article that KMBC Kansas City-TV did on Danny last year about the coffin. Here is another link to an article that the maneater did on Danny and the coffin

Danny took some of my family on a tour of his lab last spring to view the cast iron casket and the woman's remains.
My sister Cathy and Danny looking at the woman's bones.

So when you have a little brother who when he is 4 years old is telling the construction workers how to build houses or goes to the field at the top of your street and see's a "real live bear" don't totally brush him off as just being an annoying story telling little brother because one day he may grow up to be really telling true stories from the bones he digs up. I think part of him never grew up that he just likes to dig in the dirt!! I am so proud of you Danny and Deborah!

Here are some links to other stories that Danny has been involved in.

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