Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Finally Finished My Fused Plastic Bag and We are STILL Sick at our House

This is a Tote Bag I made out of recycled grocery store plastic bags. I got the idea from Etsy Labs. You get the grocery store plastic bags and fuse them together and then cut them out and sew them up. The two pictures are the same bag just the opposite sides.
I love the idea of these bags, but the plastic is very stiff after fusing and I think it would have been easier if I would have made the bag bigger. I had a heck of a time sewing around the top and the bottom. Anyway, I know it's not the prettiest bag, but I think it is pretty cool anyway!

N0w on a more depressing subject:
We are STILL sick at our House
and I'm SICK of it!!
The Worst Bed Head I have ever seen!! My poor little Mallory hasn't been feeling well. She has just been laying around. Bring on the conditioner and Infusium 23!!

Mallory has had a cold and fatigue for going on 7 days now. We are going to call the Doctor tomorrow. I would have called sooner, but my Grandson, Anthony, has had the same thing and the Dr.'s office said it was just a cold and to wait it out. I'm done waiting though. I want my energetic little bundle of sunshine back! I got really sick last night and still feel like s..t! I wanted to get so much done.

I was determined to get up and accomplish something today so I got up this morning and while I did some dishes Ezie and I made pancakes for him, Mallory and Jace. Ezie added cinnamon sugar to his pancake batter and loved the results! Yesterday, Ezie made oatmeal in the microwave for the first time all by himself and of course he added cinnamon sugar to his oatmeal. It really was good!

Afterward breakfast the kids were teaching Jace how to say every one's names. (Jace is delayed in speech and has been in therapy for about 6 months now.) We work on getting him to say the first sounds of the names for now and he did so good! He said dada, mama, Ezie pretty good, said Mal for Mallory and "me" for Jace. He couldn't get Lexie and Anthony out but he was getting pretty silly. He loves when the kids help him.

Jace and I took a nice nap together this afternoon, as usual, but I still don't feel any better. I think a lot of it is my stupid sinus'. I am an addict to 12 Sudafed and have been out of it for over a week. I am going to go buy some tomorrow!

Earl came home from work and made the kids a pot of his famous Chicken Noodle soup and my favorite soup for when I'm sick, Earl's Macaroni Soup. I'll have to get the recipe and post it because when your sick it is ssoooo good! Earl always makes us his special soups when we are sick and he has been making a lot of soups lately!!

Jace just feel asleep on my lap while I am sitting here typing. It is almost midnight, I didn't realize how late it was. Wish us luck on feeling better!!


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